Group Conducts Super Bowl Poll - Should Game be Played on Saturday?

October 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Football Fans United (FFU) today launched an online poll for NFL football fans to state whether they would prefer the Super Bowl be played on a Saturday. The poll is posted at and NFL fans my vote with a single click on the site. If the results demonstrate that NFL fans would prefer to enjoy the Super Bowl on Saturday, Football Fans United will deliver the poll results to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

"We have witnessed anecdotal evidence over the years suggesting that NFL fans are disappointed by the late Sunday night finishes of the Super Bowl," said FFU Founder and spokesperson, Doug Miles. "A core group of fans from cities across the US decided to band together to try to determine whether the trend it perceives is real, and if so, to let the NFL know what its fans want."

The official position of the FFU is that it would prefer Saturday as the official game day for the Super Bowl. The FFU believes that a Saturday game day provides more opportunity for fans to enjoy the full spectacle of America's highest-profile sporting event. Working adults and school-aged children can better accommodate the lengthy and late-finishing Super Bowl broadcast schedule on a Saturday more effectively than a Sunday because Sunday is not a traditional work or school day. The FFU theorizes that more fans will travel, make purchases and watch more NFL related programming with a shift to Super Bowl Saturday.

"The Super Bowl has become very much like a holiday in the United States, with families, friends and co-workers gathering to enjoy the event," said Miles. "The broadcast has become lengthier and the game starts later than it did in the early years. East Coast fans, in particular, are somewhat hindered in planning their festivities because they have to deal with travel or guests late on a night before a Monday morning commute."

Initial polling on the site is running over 80% in favor of Saturday as the preferred game day for the Super Bowl. However, only a tiny percentage of NFL fans has participated in the poll since its launch on October 23. The site hosting the poll,, also has a list of reasons the FFU wants the NFL to hold the Super Bowl on Saturday.