GIS PavePlan Application Helps San Mateo County Manage Pavement Conditions

October 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Mateo County manages over $100 million of infrastructure assets such as roads and sewer infrastructure, equipment and facilities. For road assets, the County uses StreetSaver Online to monitor pavement conditions and to create tabular projected maintenance scenarios. However, StreetSaver Online does not take into account factors such as geography and spatial relationships. This makes it difficult to see how maintenance might impact other County infrastructure.

It could take up to three months for a business decision, such as asphalt resurfacing, to be agreed upon by all departments. The information from the separate systems had to be pulled together, circulated between departments, and manually revised.

Farallon Geographics developed the GIS PavePlan application to take advantage of the County’s existing Oracle Spatial Enterprise GIS. The application offers a user-friendly web-based form and lets pavement engineers import scenario data directly from StreetSaver Online and display the tabular report on a map that highlights corresponding street sections. An Oracle-based budgeting application can evaluate the costs and put them on the same map for visualization. A user can also modify the type of pavement treatment for a selected road section and see the results reflected back in the costs.

The result is an application that displays recommended pavement treatment data on an interactive digital map that can be viewed by all stakeholders. This enables municipal executives to view the proposed projects, edit project choices through the map (i.e. select a road segment), and immediately see how these revised project choices will affect the overall budget and impact related infrastructure. This integrated solution reduced decision making time from several months to just a few days.

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