CEA Offers Students New Study Abroad Options in Business, Liberal Arts and History

October 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
In response to increasing student demand for study abroad, CEA, a leading provider of study abroad programs to U.S. and Canadian college students, has expanded its program offerings to include 13 new business, liberal arts and language options. These new opportunities, available for Semester, Summer and J-Term sessions in 2008, widen the already extensive program options offered by CEA.

“As business grows globally we have experienced a heightened demand for programs dedicated to a wide-variety of subjects with an international focus,” says Colleen Miller, Director of Admissions at CEA. “The number of students interested in pursuing international business or language studies in some capacity is overwhelming and much of this demand is likely a direct result of the recognition that employers place a premium on inter-cultural competence.”

In response, CEA has expanded its study abroad program offerings in five countries each with varying time commitments to accommodate student needs.

Programs in Spain making their debut in 2008 include:

Global Business & Governance, CEA GlobalCampus, Madrid
This program is designed for students who wish to explore current business practices and trends in Europe, as well as international politics, while experiencing immersion in the Spanish culture (Semester).

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, University of Salamanca, Madrid
This program is designed for students who want to study liberal arts and social sciences in Spanish context. Students have the option of taking electives in areas such as art history, literature, economics, political science, film and culture studies (Semester).

Humanities & Spanish Language, CEA GlobalCampus, Seville
This program allows students to explore traditional Andalusian culture though humanities, offering courses for students of all language levels that are taught in both English and Spanish (Summer, Semester, Academic Year).

Liberal Arts & Sciences, CEA GlobalCampus, Seville and Pablo de Olavide University
Intended for students of all language levels, the Liberal Arts & Sciences programs offer students the chance to take elective courses in a variety of areas at two distinguished academic institutions, CEA GlobalCampus Seville and Pablo de Olavide University (Semester, Academic Year).

Italy’s newest program offerings include:

Italian Language & Culture, CEA GlobalCampus, Rome
This program allows students to learn Italian language and culture both through classroom study and a unique tutorial based on expressions of Italian society (Summer, Semester, Academic Year).

Global Business & Governance, CEA GlobalCampus, Rome
The Global Business & Governance program allows students to learn the Italian language while taking courses aligned with their business concentration (Semester, Academic Year).

The Legacy of Modern Italy, CEA GlobalCampus, Rome
Through this program, students gain insight into the modern Italian perspective through electives focused on culture, history and society (Summer, Semester, Academic Year).

Modern Italian Perspectives, CEA GlobalCampus, Florence
This program explores the arts, culture and society of Italy up close and hands-on, in a richly-equipped learning environment (Summer, Semester, Academic Year).

Italian Language & Culture, CEA GlobalCampus, Florence
Students have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the Italian culture and language with the beautiful city of Florence as a backdrop (Summer, Semester or Academic Year).

Inside the Florentine Renaissance, CEA GlobalCampus, Florence
This program allows students to discover the Italian Renaissance like an insider, utilizing onsite access to the city's priceless array of Renaissance artworks and buildings (Semester, Academic Year).

The newly added 2008 England, Germany, and Czech Republic programs include:

International Business, University of Westminster, London
Through this program, students have the opportunity to spend the summer months taking courses in business areas relevant to today’s global world, combining experiential on-campus classes with field visits in central London (Summer).

Journey Into Germany’s Past, Humboldt Universität, Berlin
The Journey into Germany’s Past summer course explores Germany’s intriguing history through literature, media and film while providing students an opportunity to refine their language skills (Summer).

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Anglo-American College, Prague
This program affords the opportunity to learn liberal arts and sciences alongside students from all nationalities and backgrounds. Although courses are taught in English, students will also study the Czech language (J-term).

For further details on these, or any of CEA’s international programs, visit http://www.gowithcea.com/programs.html or call 1-800-266-4441.

About Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)
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