Fight obesity the natural way urges naturopath

October 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
North Easterners can fight fat the natural way according to award-winning naturopath and medical herbalist Rumana Zahn, following last week’s warning that obesity levels are reaching a critical peak.

A new government report* warned that the UK is heading toward an obesity epidemic and that the North East is no exception with 70% of men and 65% of women in the region expected to be obese by 2050.

Rumana Zahn said: “These worrying figures coupled with the predictions that the cost of the epidemic may cripple the NHS makes for a very grim future indeed.

"The report has demonstrated how human biology is significantly out of step with life in the 21st century and shows that we must fight the notion the current obesity epidemic has arisen from individual overindulgence or laziness alone.

“It has reminded us that weight is not simply about diet and exercise but rather the whole person. Only change across many elements of our society can help us tackle obesity; this includes factors such as detoxification, natural medicine, and attitude to food.”

Through her clinics located throughout the region, Rumana has helped hundreds of people reach their ideal weight as well as manage the wide range of conditions associated with obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

Rumana said: “Often obesity is a side effect or symptom of something that is not quite right in the body. In the past people have tended to simply accept medical decisions without question, but now people are growing disillusioned with modern medicine and treatments because it doesn’t treat the cause of the problem. I use natural medicine to work on the whole body rather than focusing on treating the symptoms alone – and it has transformed lives. “

Sam Dixon, 33, from Northumberland, started treatment with Rumana to help her shed over five stones and face up to the eating disorder bulimia.

She explained: “I was clinically obese, my face was swollen and some days I refused to leave the house. I had even removed all the mirrors in the house as I couldn’t bear to look at myself.

“In a misguided effort to manage my weight I had become bulimic and this was really taking its toll on my health. New symptoms were cropping up on almost a daily basis and regular visits to my doctor brought no relief. Modern medicine only treated my symptoms and didn’t get to the root of the cause.

Sam, a business director, continued: “Initially I was sceptical when I heard about Rumana; I questioned how she could help me where so many others had tried and failed, but any doubts evaporated from the first appointment. Rumana looked at the causes of my problems and instead of writing a prescription for my long list of symptoms, through a tailored health programme, encouraged me to take stock of my whole self – rather than each individual problem.

“By following the programme, I lost 59lbs in weight, got rid of the bulimia and my ailments have disappeared. Now people comment on how well I look and, for the first time in 15 years, I am free of anti-depressants. The experience has totally transformed my life.”

Rumana concludes: “Sam is a really good example of how obesity and eating disorders such as bulimia can actually be a symptom of another underlying problem. She suffered from very low self-esteem and relied on a range of substances, including food, to propel her through life. By addressing the root of her problem it was relatively simple for her to reach her ideal weight and regain full health and vitality.”

Rumana runs clinics in Newcastle (within a GPs practice), Darlington and Seaham Hall’s Serenity Spa. She also set up the only walk-in clinic in the country at Tesco, Kingston Park, where people can book a 10-minute consultation free of charge every Friday between 2pm and 6pm.

To contact Rumana call 0845 680 14 18.

*According to report Tackling Obesities: Future Choices -