SkyLYNX- Lite is on Skype Extra for free download

October 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SkyLYNX- Lite is put on Skype Extra for free download since this October. SkyLYNX-Lite, which is the lite version of SkyLYNX, works as software based IP-PBX to provide most popular PBX features, such as auto-attendant, IVR, conference, and call recordings. No need for traditional PBX or hardware. SkyLYNX-Lite is a free-ware, and excellent for companies whose employees are working as a team using PCs for Skype services. SkyLYNX-Lite can be free downloaded and voted from Skype Extra, or from Skype Extra Manager, also could be downloaded from ZiPCOM’s website, by link to SkyLYNX-Lite web page

After ZiPCOM’s revolutionary product, SkyPBX, which integrates seamlessly Skype services into traditional PBX system, retaining all features of traditional PBX system, such as IVR, Call Recording, Call Conferencing, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, etc., ZiPCOM has announced another product, named SkyLYNX, which works as an IP-PBX, Asterisk-like group-ware, with gateway to PBX/PSTN, for Skype users by providing most popular PBX features, such as auto-attendant, IVR, conference and calls records. Incoming Skype calls are answered by group IVR, which directs the calls to member users indicated as extension number. Any Skype terminals, such as USB Phone/Adapter, DECT Phone, or Skype WiFi Phone, can be an extension to SkyLYNX. The optional FxO card can further forward Skype calls to regular phones via PSTN or forward PSTN calls to Skype terminals. No matter where the sales are, the calls won’t be lost. ZiPCOM provides SkyLYNX-Lite for free download, which is software based, to provide the features of auto-attendant, IVR, conference and calls records. SkyLYNX offers a more comprehensive business solution, such as multiple simultaneous IVRs and recordings, FxO gateways to PSTN, or FxS gateways to PBX via SkyPBX, in-band DTMF decoding, etc.

Outstanding SkyLYNX features include:
(1) PBX-like Group-ware for Skype users, which binds Skype members together using extension numbers
(2) Suitable for any big/mid/small companies who allow Skype usage inside the company PCs
(3)No need for traditional PBX
(4) Optional FxS ports via SkyPBX to PBX or analog phones; and optional FxO ports to PSTN forwarding
(5)Members can use PC microphone/speaker, USB Phones or Skype WiFi phones, etc. for conversation
(6) A unique corporate Skype account as a hunt group
(7) IVR with auto attendant to distribute incoming Skype calls
(8) Customized IVR and answering machine
(9) Multiple simultaneous Skype calls to member extension numbers
(10) Extension table to address member Skype for intra-company PC-PC communication
(11) Conference calls
(12) Personal Phone book, with unlimited digits to address worldwide Skype accounts
(13) Calls hold, call waiting, call transfer, and call recording features

ZiPCOM has been specialized in VoIP and telephony system for years. ZiPCOM is a leading provider for VoIP and Communication equipments, such as X.25 PADs, ISDN phones, and Skype-based USB phones/adapter/gateway and PBX systems. UMC, NEC Infrontia, Arima, and Siemens, are among the customer list. Please visit or write to or to Skype to: zipcom-ipex (the enterprise representative number).

SkyPBX is a ZiPCOM product and has patent approved in Taiwan.

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