Momote and Com-Unit streamline Operations for Delivery Companies

October 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
London, 28th October 2007 - Momote, a leading provider of tailored wireless service management solutions, and Com-Unit, a specialist in Transport Management Software (TMS), have unveiled a new rapid-deployment field-force mobility solution. The system allows hauliers to optimise business processes, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction via customised applications that can be delivered and deployed within days rather than weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Dutch haulage firm Peeters Vervoerscentrale has already deployed the solution to 25 of its delivery vehicles and enjoys improved business efficiencies as a result. In addition to its current deployment with Peeters Vervoerscentrale, a new deployment to more than 200 vehicles at De Klok Logistics, a distribution and warehousing company, also based in Holland, will be completed by the end of 2007.

Leveraging Com-Unit’s experience in the transport sector and track record of developing stable, affordable and scalable standard TMS, alongside Momote’s rapid development, deployment and management toolset, the MX Platform, the new field-force mobility solution allows companies to quickly deploy a fully customised solution that allows distribution vehicle drivers to access back-office systems whilst on the road. The application, which works across all platforms and on all mobile devices, incorporates GPS tracking technology, can be tailored to specific needs and deployed within a matter of days, avoiding lengthy and expensive implementation costs and speeding up ROI.

The Momote/Com-Unit application is ideally suited to the haulage sector because its vehicles are often chartered from other companies, so there is a turnover of actual trucks in service. Since the system is installed on a hand-held device and not into the vehicle itself, it can easily be moved between vehicles, replacing the more expensive traditional on-board computers. In addition, because the device on which the application is loaded is mobile, it can incorporate a scanning function.

Not only does the new application allow pick-up instructions be dispatched from a haulier’s head-office, but delivery drivers can also send data back to the head-office, including proof of delivery in the form of digital signature capture, reducing the amount of paperwork necessary, both for dispatch instructions and proof of delivery. By freeing up time spent recording information on paper and taking the documents to local depots, companies can significantly reduce travel time and costs. The application can help reduce errors by offering real-time GPRS, GSM and GPS communication. If any unexpected events arise that may potentially hinder the correct delivery of goods, then it can either be quickly remedied, or the customer informed, resulting in better provision of service.
Reflecting the increasing demand from haulage companies for value-add technology, Com-Unit and Momote integrated a GPS capability into the mobile application, so that the dispatch head-office can track the location of each vehicle to effectively manage its fleet.

“We opted for the Momote/Com-Unit solution because - along with its incredibly fast deployment time - it can be installed on any handset, removing the need for investment in new and specific models for all our drivers, representing a significant cost saving.” said Sef Peeters, managing director and owner of Peeters Vervoerscentrale.

“Momote’s MX Platform dramatically speeds up the development and deployment of mobility applications and helps companies realise a quicker return on investment. Typically, within just 20 days, Momote and Com-Unit can design and deliver a tailored solution for any company with field workers that requires a mobile application for information transfer and communication purposes,” said Jan Buscher, managing director of Com-Unit.

“Traditionally, mobility projects have failed to reap their expected benefits because by the time they are in field workers’ hands, months, even years, have passed and the application no longer matches the requirements of the business,” commented Graham Whistance, MD of Momote. “Momote’s agile approach to mobile application design and delivery ensures that customised applications that meet business needs are out in the field being used by the workforce in the time it takes most vendors to scope the project, and at a fraction of the cost.”

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