Extreme CCTV Release: New Infrared Imagers Powered By Black Diamond™

October 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Extreme CCTV Release: New Infrared Imagers Powered By Black Diamond™ Cramlington, UK
Extreme CCTV announce the release of a new range of precision-engineered Infrared Imager™ cameras offering the most advanced level of 24/7 day-night CCTV on the market today.
Extreme provide the critical performance parameters for each Infrared Imager to meet the Home Office Scientific Development Branches (HOSDB) four surveillance levels – Monitor, Detection, Recognition and Identification.
Using Extreme’s new Infrared Imagers which are powered by Black Diamond infrared, security professionals can confidently and accurately specify critical security CCTV projects such as perimeter surveillance, asset protection and intrusion detection.
Further information on Extreme CCTV’s new range of Infrared Imagers can be found at: www.DerwentCCTV.com
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For further information please contact Penny Haywood at PHPR on 0131 669 5190 (24/7) pr email penny@phpr.co.uk
Fast preview & download of hi res camera image at: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/PHPRpix/ExtremeCCTV/photo?authkey=2ZuP11vUA28#5126474283229274146
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About Extreme CCTV
Vancouver based Extreme CCTV was founded in1997 by current President and CEO, Jack Gin. During its ten years of consecutive revenue-growth, Extreme has established itself as a leading name in the global security industry, with a strong reputation for excellence and in-house engineering expertise in precision engineered electro-optics. Extreme has well-established sales channels and a global sales reach, serving defence, Homeland Security, prisons, commercial and residential surveillance, town centres and transit hubs. Emerging markets for the company include petrochemical (Hazloc), ITS, biometrics, customs/border patrol, ports, harbours and parking.
Extreme acquired Derwent Systems Ltd. in 2001 and Forward Vision Ltd in 2006. Extreme also has an investment in Obzerv Technologies Inc.
Extreme placed an Initial Public Offering in 2002 and was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2003. See the Extreme CCTV product range at www.ExtremeCCTV.com
About Derwent Systems Ltd
UK manufacturer Derwent Systems Ltd are widely acknowledged as the industry leaders in the field of active infrared and number plate capture solutions. Field proven over a sixteen-year history forged on engineering excellence, Derwent products are specified by top consultants for their “industry leading” technology, uncompromising performance and ability to deliver outstanding imaging results in the most challenging of conditions.
Derwent’s capability for meeting the exacting requirements of today’s security professionals has led to the development of a complete range of leading halogen bulb based and LED based infrared illumination solutions, including its best selling UF500, UFLED and SuperLED units. Recent advances in infrared technology from the company include; Black Diamond™ awarded the “Best New Video Device” by the Security Industry Association at ISC West 2007 and the AEGIS range which incorporate innovations in design and technology to produce the world’s first Intelligent IR illuminators.
Derwent’s complete range of number plate capture solutions REG™, are deployed for critical security and ITS applications worldwide and have proven successful in overcoming the many obstacles effective number plate capture entails. REG™ captures the number plate consistently, reliably and regardless of speed, lighting or the weather conditions.
Derwent Systems Ltd is led by Peter Beare, Managing Director of Extreme CCTV’s European Operations. Derwent’s UK-based manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9002, and are a centre of excellence for the design, development and manufacture of high performance infrared and number plate capture solutions.
See the latest product range at http://www.derwentcctv.com/home/index.php?id=11 and watch the performance footage at http://www.derwentcctv.com/home/index.php?id=14
Key Markets
 Defence: Army, Navy, RAF, NATO
 High Security Police HQ’s: Embassies, Airports, Critical Infrastructures, Government Buildings
 Marine Environments: Ports, Seafronts, Harbours,
 Architectural: National Heritage Buildings, Modern Architecture, International Landmarks, Residential, Commercial
 Traditional CCTV: Town Centres, Car Parks, Traffic and Highways Monitoring, Shopping Centres, Schools
 Rapid Deployment: Police Vehicles, Building Site Security, Perimeter Security
 ITS: Traffic Monitoring, Congestion Charging, Traffic and Highways Monitoring, Average Speed Enforcement – Temporary and Fixed Installations, Access Control
 System Upgrades for 24/7 Operability
Derwent House, Colbourne Crescent,
Nelson Park Industrial Estate, Cramlington,
Northumberland, NE23 1WB
Company Registration Number: 3009842
Registered Address: 1 St James Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 1YQ