New Player Enters the Fantasy Game

October 31, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
It’s that time of the year again! Football fanatics are pouring over stats, sports magazines and websites, television broadcasts, mobile feeds and satellite transmissions as they build, manage and monitor their fantasy football teams. In spite of the amazing popularity and financial success of the entire fantasy game industry, not all fans are willing to spend the excessive time required by these types of games.

Therefore, Dot Holdings, LLC created a patent pending, game format that is purposely simple, called Last 2 Left ( This one format is applied to many different types of events. Last 2 Left covers popular sports, reality television shows and other high profile contests, including the 2008 Presidential Election. The object of the game is for players to correctly predict the final two, and in some case the top two, participants of a specific event. The advantage of this fantasy game is that it requires very little time and the same simple format is applied to a wide variety of events. This makes for the perfect “fantasy alternative” for busy people with a variety of interests.

With only a hypothetical game format, the company first needed to develop this concept into an online venture that would not only be a “game website” but an online community. With this approach, they carefully planned, designed and coded a highly scalable and secure website that includes a complex game engine backend, user accounts, profile pages, news feeds, message boards and third party advertising. A robust content management tool was developed so the Dot Holdings staff can easily create and manage games, add news, resources, video, pictures, FAQs and edit all content.

The website offers visitors two free game types both for entertainment only – a public game in which anyone can sign up and play and a private game, where visitors can create their own invitation only games for their friends exclusively.

With an unknown game format, a very limited advertising budget and no prizes offered, people rapidly began to register and play. These initial results have confirmed that this is a viable game and presents the possibility for a successful, online business. As visitor traffic, registrations and repeat visits increase, Dot Holdings, LLC will develop of additional functionality, enhancements to the community aspect of the website and revenue-generating features. The firm will also begin to look for outside investment as they continually enhance their model.