Booples video "Jonah and the Tarshish Fish" wins at Seguin!

November 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
For the second year, has submitted a video to the Seguin Film and Arts Festival ( This year not only did the video "Jonah and the Tarshish Fish" win best animation, but also fourth place overall!

"Jonah and the Tarhish Fish" starts with the Booples wondering what it would be like to hear God 'like in the Old Testament.' They assume it would be easy to obey God.

Bah, their sheep pastor, explains it's not that simple. He uses the book of Jonah to explain how even though some people have heard God they don't always obey.

Jonah didn't go to Nineveh like God told him to. Instead he tried to go to Tarshish. However his boat got caught in a storm, he was thrown overboard and he was swallowed by a fish.

After this ordeal, he finally obeyed God, but it wasn't easy for him and it isn't for us now. has many videos out on DVD and a CD of the songs from the videos. "Jonah and the Tarhish Fish" is available on the latest DVD titled "Booples 2: Yikity Blar!"

The Seguin Film & Arts Festival is an annual fundraiser for the Seguin Cultural Arts Foundation, a local non-profit arts organization whose purpose is to increase public awareness and public participation in the arts in Seguin and surrounding South Texas communities.

Corinth, TX