November 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News, the world’s oldest comedy Web site, announces the first annual National Colon Cleaning Day, a day in which Americans are encouraged to contemplate the excess waste built up inside their colon. In honor of this new national holiday, will feature colon cleansing diet recipes, hilarious homemade colon cleaning experiments, and plenty of bathroom jokes.

“If they can have a National Soup Week, then we can have a National Colon Cleaning Day,” says Sir John Hargrave, editor-in-chief of “And let me point out that not everybody likes soup, but everyone has a colon.”

National Colon Cleaning Day, November 5th, is a day set aside to build awareness of the colon and its important role in digestive health. The average American adult stores between five and twenty-five pounds of waste in his colon, weight that can be lost by simply removing the three to eight undigested meals that a colon stores at any given time. From colon cleansing diets to colon hydrotherapy, from all-natural colon cleaning supplements to coffee colonics, Americans are turning to alternative treatments to clean themselves of unwanted waste.

“Americans spend over $500 million annually on laxatives,” says Dr. Lynn Hardy of Dr Natura, a leading provider of colon cleaning supplements. “We believe there’s a better way.”

Ironically, National Colon Cleaning Day falls on Colon’s Day, a national holiday in Panama. The holiday is set aside to remember adventurer and brigand Cristobal Colon, the first European to set foot in the country. Ironically, the adventurer’s colon was probably quite unhealthy, due to the long and difficult months at sea.

“Soup gets an entire week, but colons only get a day,” says Sir John Hargrave. “As far as we’re concerned, colons still have a long way to go.”

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