November 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO—New fitness book, Lifetime Physique; 16 Weeks to A Better Body, A Better Life—A Better You, provides a solution to get in shape and become fit without turning life upside down.

A lot of moms want to get back in shape, but they don’t have time. They can’t bring their children to a gym, and they’re on call 24/7. Not to mention they want to have a life.

The solution is here, says Stuart Schaefer, author of Lifetime Physique: 16 Weeks to a Better Body, A Better Life—A Better You, a new book that takes a wildly different approach towards fitness.

“You can completely transform your body with just three hours A WEEK of exercise,” says Schaefer, who has been in the fitness industry nearly a decade. What’s more, the exercises in Lifetime Physique can all be done with a pair of dumbbells and an adjustable bench. Say goodbye to pricy gym memberships and expensive equipment.

Combined with a sensible, easy-to-use, eating plan, Lifetime Physique takes all the guesswork out of becoming fit. There are no more excuses not to get in the best shape of your life.

Suzanne DeSilvey, a mom in her 50s says, “Stu’s program was so easy to follow. It only required three hours of training a week. But, the best part was his eating plan. It was so simple. He even provided a menu for the first week. I was never hungry, and it was easy to stop eating the bad foods. I ate six times a day and still lost two pounds a week!”

Look for Lifetime Physique to be available on Thanksgiving of this year. For more information, and to find out how to purchase Lifetime Physique, visit Stu’s website: It also includes exercise demos, Q&A, message boards, blogs, and upcoming events where Stu can be seen.


About the Author

Talk about a success story; Stuart Schaefer is a living, walking, breathing success story of his new book, Lifetime Physique: 16 Weeks to a Better Body, a Better Life—A Better You. He has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly a decade—starting as a bodybuilder, then moving into training where he has helped hundreds of men and women transform. He leads motivational seminars, teaches people how to become self-motivated, and, now, Stuart has written Lifetime Physique. In it, he shares his secrets he uses to help others achieve success in life.

Stuart Schaefer