SeaAloe Inc, a local whole food liquid vitamin supplement company, donates 5% of their sales to the local Red Cross the week of 10/22/07 to 10/28/07.

November 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Many companies have donated money, time, and supplies in support of this tragic event. SeaAloe Inc, a local whole food liquid vitamin supplement company, is one of the many companies that will donate their proceeds earned toward the local Red Cross to show support in the community. SeaAloe has announced that they will donate 5% of their gross sales for the week of 10/22/07 to 10/28/07.

Matt Paddock, President and CEO, stated, "I was on a business trip in Colorado this weekend and flew home to San Diego on Wednesday October 24, 2007, and the scene from the air was indescribable. I was also incredibly moved to find the plane filled with Red Cross volunteers on their way to San Diego from all over the country."

SeaAloe, Inc., and their product SeaAloe is particularly relevant, not only because it is wholly based in San Diego County where many of the employees were forced to evacuate, but also as a Foundational Health product that is especially beneficial in times when the body is stressed. SeaAloe delivers over 80 balanced and bio-available nutrients in a perfect balance of whole food plant based liquid, which features the exclusive RST process of Reducing Surface Tension for enhanced absorption.

People facing stress from poor San Diego air quality, the environment or the mental stress of these chaotic times find top quality nutrition is extremely beneficial. SeaAloe knows that their product contributes to the overall health and well-being of people, but this week decided to also contribute directly to the local people affected by tragedy by donating 5% of all gross sales for the week to the local Red Cross.

On Monday, October 22 2007, the county of San Diego called for a county wide "no work day" to keep families together during this time of crisis and the freeways free of traffic. The fires abruptly swept across dry mountains and were further fueled by the Santa Ana winds coming from the East at speeds of 45 mph. The wildfires devoured almost 645 square miles of California landscape and have already destroyed 1500 homes in a mere 72 hour time period.

The unfortunate news is that at press time there are still large fires still burning out of control.

* Horno Fire, which is the wildfire in Camp Pendleton.
* Rice Canyon Fire in Fallbrook, CA, area has destroyed 7500 acres thus far.
* Poomacha Fire and Palomar Mountain Fire located at Rincon and La Jolla Indian Reservation has burned approximately 25,000 acres thus far.
* The Witch Fire has burned 196,420 acres. Witch Creek Fire in the Ramona area has been reported today to have merged with the Poomacha Fire.
* Harris Fire is near the US and Mexico border at the edge of Chula Vista and Spring Valley. This fire has destroyed approximately 73000 acres.
* Ranch Fire near Townsend Peak has destroyed 51,337.
* Canyon Fire located in Malibu has burned.

The good news is that at press time there are fires that have been contained or are almost 100% contained. They are as follows:

* Sedgewick Fire — Brinkerhoff Rd/Sedgewick Ranch/ Figueroa Mountain — Santa Barbara County.
* Coronado Hills Fire — South of Cal State San Marcos.
* Roca Fire — East of Temecula — Riverside County.
* Walker Fire — Northwest of Lake Arrowhead — San Bernardino County.
* McCoy Fire — Cleveland National Forest — San Diego County.
* Buckweed Fire near Santa Clarita.
* Wilcox Fire — Camp Pendleton — San Diego County.
* Meadowridge Fire — Santa Clarita — 14 Freeway, San Fernando — Los Angeles County.

There are some more fires that are either still burning or contained that are not on this list above.

The State of Emergency in San Diego County has caused much media hype and many famous names and officials will be visiting San Diego area to show their support. President Bush will be visiting San Diego on October 25, 2007 and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has already been to Qualcomm Stadium to speak to the evacuees staying there until they are allowed back into their homes.

About SeaAloe Inc:
The SeaAloe supplement was formulated to meet the compelling need and demand in America for a proven, simple and easy to use whole food liquid nutritional supplement and was designed for all ages. SeaAloe has an iron clad 90 day empty bottle 100% money back guarantee, which is almost unheard of in the supplement industry. Shipping and handling is always free.

Unlike the majority of vitamin supplements on the market today, SeaAloe's whole food supplement provides nutrients in their natural, complex form. Nutrients are not isolated or synthetically produced and packaged. Instead, whole foods and super foods provide a complex nutrient rich source of vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids and bio-elements.

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