Intensive, Provocative Posters Help Teachers Stop Bullying, Build Motivation

November 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Youth Change Workshops announces the release of hundreds of innovative, new school posters designed to turnaround poor motivation, improve classroom management, stop school work refusal, reduce bullying, stop substance abuse, and reduce dropping out. These unusual posters offer teachers, special educators, principals, and other school staff markedly different, novel methods to combat apathy and problem behavior in the classroom and school. The posters range from intense and hard-hitting for middle and high school students to more basic and gentle for elementary youngsters.

Motivation and dropout prevention posters for older students include Poster 43 from The Graduate Lifestyle series ( The poster shows a layoff notice and says: "Graduates are often the first hired and last fired. Everyone else? Last hired and first fired. Graduates often send the layoff notices that everyone else opens." The tag line reads "Each diploma doubles the dollars."

Other unique posters include Poster 100, "Big Bullies of America" ( who are "building a better future by hassling you." Poster 109 ( shows a gravely injured girl in a hospital bed and bear the caption "Oh, the people you'll meet driving while intoxicated."

The new posters also include offerings designed to solve chronic teacher classroom management problems. Poster 59 is part of the "What Not to Bring to Class" series ( It shows a larger-than-life cell phone, which has become a top nuisance in many classrooms. To build better student behavior, other posters focus on anger control, procrastination, and managing emotional problems at school. Posters for school counselors are also included.

The posters are full color, glossy, and cost $8 each. Shipping is $8 per order. For more details on Youth Change's new classroom posters, call 800-545-5736 or visit