BPO Canada Lands 3 Drupal Infrastructure And Server Support Contracts

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News

Contact: Roshan Shah
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BPO Canada Lands 3 Drupal Infrastructure And Server Support Contracts

BPO Canada Global Services Corporation based out of Vancouver, BC, a leading provider of Drupal CMS and Ruby on Rails based development solutions, announced the signing of 3 contracts for Drupal Infrastructure Management Services with its Server Support Division. BPO Canada offers 24x7 Drupal and Ruby on Rails Infrastructure Support Services to Global Clients.

The Server Support division offers round the clock 24x7 infrastructure monitoring support where the traditional web hosting companies not having Drupal or Ruby on Rails do not provide this level of support.

Clients who run Drupal and Ruby on Rails Infrastructures are always challenged by their infrastructure and want to find ways to improve performance, scalability, traffic and their business.

BPO Canada’s Infrastructure team comprises of Sr. Linux Administrators who have experience working round the clock with Drupal Development team. Whether it is infrastructure issue, applying security patches, or performance optimization or adding infrastructure capacity for high availability and scalability of your Web Application, BPO Canada team constantly tries to find answers to the most challenging problems facing the industry today managing these high traffic websites. Throwing more hardware is not always the best way to address scalability issues in the long run.

BPO Canada will soon be building technical team in the United States and Canada to provide development, consulting, program management, and full service development in Drupal and Ruby on Rails.

"This expansion into providing 24x7 Infrastructure Support greatly broadens our consulting capabilities into more deeply integrating with our clients," said CEO and Founder Roshan Shah. "We will now be able to provide expertise to support our Drupal and Ruby on Rails clients with a monthly support plan where we constantly monitor the server performance, and application and recommend solutions to improve the performance and ensure that infrastructure keeps up with growing traffic ."

This Support Division is being supported by three Linux Administrators at present and we are looking to expand this team to grow it to a size of 10. BPO Canada is also working to forge partnerships with top hosting companies to work with them and add more clients for this division.

Based out of Ahmedabad, India, Niraj Bhatt is leading the Server Support division. He will also be responsible for planning and growing the current team of Administrators as well as add Certified Administrators in the company. This division will soon be separated in a separate entity by which it will be offering other Web Hosting and Vertical Hosted Solutions built on Drupal and Ruby on Rails in Global Markets. “There is a huge potential to tap Indian businesses and corporates who have not yet gotten into Web 2.0. We are looking forward to add lot more infrastructure and manpower to build this practice.” – Niraj Bhatt.

About BPO Canada Global Services Corporation

BPO Canada Global Services Corporation offers full service Drupal and Ruby on Rails development, consulting, infrastructure and search engine marketing services for high end Web 2.0 sites. With development facilities and strong partnerships strategically located in India, we provide our clients very fast paced lightning fast Drupal and Ruby on Rails

With its exclusive development partnership in India, BPO Canada is a leading global provider of Drupal CMS development. We have more than 30 highly skilled people in our Drupal practice.

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