November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The new digital audio recording solution from One Digital Limited has been designed for the Police and Criminal Justice departments so that they can capture, archive and manage digital recordings of audio interviews. Now with WinScribe as a workflow partner, the whole interviewing process can be completely streamlined. Interviews can be recorded digitally then simultaneously archived and automatically logged onto the WinScribe system for transcription as required.

Once in the WinScribe system details of all interview recordings can be viewed by authorised personnel and made instantly available for transcriptionists to transcribe through their PC from inside or outside of the Force Network. Urgent cases can be prioritised, special interviews can be routed to the most appropriate transcriptionist and if one station is struggling to keep up with the workload, available transcriptionists can be easily utilised elsewhere. Transcribers can be notified that work is waiting for them, can access the WinScribe system to view jobs that have been allocated to them and transcribe them using a foot control and headset connected to their PC. The flexibility derived from the ability to share workload also means avoiding any downtime through staff absence.

This sees a huge technological leap from the analogue tapes of old; which have limited capacity, poor sound quality in comparison with digital recording and significant storage problems as well as workflow management issues. The new system will also see the demise of lengthy delays in retrieving old archived interviews as this can now be retrieved at the press of a button.

John Beckett, managing director at One Digital Limited said, “We hope this partnership will be a real turning point for the way the police log interviews. It’s guaranteed to improve the quality of recordings and efficiencies in archiving interviews - making it much easier for transcriptions to be prioritised and re-visited at any point. New digital recording technologies enables substantial cost savings – both direct and indirect – to be made, reducing the pressure on critical police budget.”

Philip Vian, managing director at WinScribe Europe explains, “With the advanced capabilities of the two systems, the large volume of interviews can be easily managed and transcribed by available transcriptionists at multiple station sites, utilising resources and improving workflow. We believe that this innovation will have a significant positive impact on increasing efficiency by reducing admin-intensive tasks. Building on the many uses that Police Forces already put WinScribe to, including the transcription of crime and intelligence reports means that our recording and workflow software can now be utilised to provide a truly comprehensive support service for most police activities.”

The recorders in the One Digital range have been designed as a direct replacement for legacy analogue audio recorders and they meet all audio interview recording requirements under UK PACE and Home Office Guidelines. The network–ready capability allows easy integration into the WinScribe system for real-time uploading of recordings.

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About WinScribe:
WinScribe is a world leading provider of digital dictation software supporting business requirements for digital dictation, transcription, voice recognition, and workflow management. Founded in 1989, WinScribe has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Switzerland, with more than 100 sales partners in over 25 countries supporting more than 300,000 users worldwide.

The WinScribe solution is built on Microsoft architecture, to ensure easy integration and maintenance. WinScribe also supports a wide range of manufacturer-independent dictation devices and is scaleable from small, single office locations up to large multinational corporations. WinScribe is fully customisable to meet the needs of a number of significant vertical markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Insurance and Government sectors.

About One Digital:
One Digital is a progressive company formed by a number of complementary partners with synergistic digital technologies and has developed a number of original unique patented solutions. Its key digital technologies include evidential recording, translation systems, video/CCTV recording systems, digital transcription, and surveillance and monitoring systems. Its skilled engineering team has specialist knowledge in the application and integration of these solutions across the whole Criminal Justice System and in equally demanding commercial environments.