G.A.P Adventures’ Passport to Overseas Sophistication

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
LONDON —A recent study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association indicates that 52 percent of adventure travellers are female. For many women, travelling to a foreign country offers an opportunity for self exploration and fulfilment. Adventure travel offers these women the chance to explore the road less travelled, build their confidence and connect with like-minded individuals.

Sophisticated female travelers who demonstrate respect for other cultures will find they receive a much warmer reception from the locals they meet along the way. Acceptance by the locals can enable these travelers to gain an even deeper understanding of the people and places they encounter, thereby enriching their experience.

From gift giving to delivering toasts at a meal, practices can vary greatly between countries, so travelers should make sure to do their research about the culture in the intended destination before leaving home. G.A.P Adventures, a world leader in the adventure travel industry, recommends savvy women travelers consider the tips below when traveling to ensure a fulfilling vacation.

Simple Steps to Sophistication Abroad

1. In the Middle East and Southeast Asia, keep the sole of your shoe pointed toward the ground. The sole of the shoe is considered the dirtiest part of the body; therefore, pointing it toward locals might be considered inappropriate

2. In Nepal, the head is considered sacred, so only touch people from the shoulders down

3. In Pakistan, shake hands with your right hand, since the left hand is considered unclean

4. In Japan, keep your mouth closed when not speaking to someone. The Japanese feel it’s rude to display an open mouth

5. In Chinese culture, the family name is always the first name, so refer to individuals as Mr. or Ms. [first name]

6. In German culture, it’s considered rude to have your hands in your pockets when speaking to others

7. In Europe, keep your hands on or above the table when dining. A custom that goes back hundreds of centuries, Europeans once believed those who had their hand under the table were wielding a weapon

8. In India, whistling in public may be considered an inappropriate gesture. This is also the case in Korea, where whistling is considered bad luck—particularly when done by women

“Sophisticated travelers should be attentive and respectful of local cultures,” said Bruce Poon Tip, CEO of G.A.P Adventures. “By doing a little bit of research and being aware of some general cultural differences, travelers can leave a positive impact on the people and places they visit and get the most from their trip.”

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About G.A.P Adventures
G.A.P Adventures is a world leader in the adventure travel industry offering small group adventures on all seven continents and beyond to more than 60,000 global travelers annually. The award-winning trips, which focus on culture, nature and active travel, are ideal for those with a sense of adventure – people who want to leave the beaten path and authentically immerse themselves in a local culture or environment to experience the real world in a sustainable manner. G.A.P Adventures is also the proud owner of the legendary polar expedition ship, the M/S Explorer. Demonstrating its ongoing cultural, social and economic commitment to responsible tourism, G.A.P Adventures established the Planeterra Foundation, as a way the company and its passengers can give back to the communities visited. For more information, please visit www.gapadventures.com and www.planeterra.org.


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