Cascade Asset Management Pioneers the Selling of E-scrap Pounds on eBay

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Madison, WI – Cascade Asset Management (Cascade), a national leader in providing full service IT asset disposal solutions, announced today that it has developed an innovative solution for electronics manufacturers seeking to fulfill their obligations under the new Minnesota electronics recycling law. The company is facilitating an online eBay ( auction for manufacturers to purchase processed weight of collected electronic devices accepted under the state’s law. The pioneering electronic trading program of such materials will result in lower costs throughout the recycling system by creating an open, dynamic exchange of processed e-scrap pounds to fulfill manufacturer obligations.

Minnesota electronics recycling legislation establishes manufacturer responsibility for recycling of e-waste from households. Manufacturers that sell video display devices (televisions, computer monitors and laptops) are required to collect and recycle an amount relative to the weight of their products sold in the state during the previous year. Manufacturers that recycle more than their obligation can earn credits that can be carried forward or sold to other manufacturers. If they don’t fulfill their obligation, the manufacturers pay a penalty to the state.

Consequently, manufacturers and recyclers are now engaged in a complicated dance – with manufacturers trying to fulfill their obligations and partner with credible recyclers, recyclers seeking to capitalize on new opportunities, and both ultimately trying to best meet the needs of municipalities. Cascade’s response to this paradigm is the creation of a commodities exchange system - leveling the playing field and attaining a market equilibrium resulting in a fairer, and lower, price for all involved.

“In taking advantage of existing technology that allows for real-time trading of these processed recycling weights, this system avoids the need for a new government bureaucracy or a non-profit third party organization (TPO) that has emerged in other states legislating manufacturer responsibility for electronics recycling,” says Neil Peters-Michaud, Cascade CEO and co-founder. “In treating the recycling weights as a commodity and trading them in real time, both the manufacturers and recyclers can plan for the future and the market can best determine the true value of recycling and collection.”

The seven day auction, open to manufacturers registered in Minnesota, begins on October 29, 2007.

“Cascade will offer its Minnesota electronic recycling to the free market and continue best practices for environmentally responsible processing of the equipment. We maintain our strong commitment to the Basel Action Network’s Pledge of True Stewardship as well as we operate under ISO 14001 and IAER Certified Electronic Recycler registration standards,” says Toral Jha, Cascade Industry Relations Representative.

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Cascade Asset Management is an ISO 14001 registered company providing full service IT technology asset retirement solutions since 1999 with facilities in Wisconsin and Indiana. It is a Certified Electronics Recycler from International Association of Electronics Recyclers and was recognized in 2007 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine. Cascade serves Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and more than 900 other regional businesses. For more information about Cascade, please visit or call (888) 222-8399

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