New Web Tutor teaches Spanish using Phone and Internet

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Aug.2007,Phoenix, Arizona, MultiLingual Center announces the launch of its new live online Web Tutor using a Telephone and Internet via their website Using the Internet, students learn Spanish without driving to a physical classroom. Students take instructor-led Spanish lessons from home, office, or when they travel, from hotels. It's like having a personal tutor at home. When the teacher is typing, students see it through the website. Students need only a phone and a computer with Internet access.Since the teacher is with the student all the time over the phone, students ask questions and teachers correct the student's pronunciation. It's better and faster than learning from CD's.

For the last five years, MultiLingual Center has taught Spanish to hundreds of students using native Spanish speaking teachers. MultiLingual Center offers more than 20 instructor-led courses online, from general Spanish (Beginners to Advanced) to Conversational Spanish and Spanish for the workplace (healthcare, law enforcement, educators, landscaping, sales).

A representative for MultiLingual Center stated:"Students can learn Spanish in less than 24 hours of classes! It is fun, exciting, and rewarding. Students put it in their resume and find bilingual jobs. Our live online Spanish instructors give students lessons in concrete, everyday Spanish language expressions. Most other Spanish programs have students repeating and memorizing thousands of vocabulary words. Students donít want to spend time memorizing vocabulary words. They have enough stuff to memorize!

Students' responses have been very positive, here are some testimonials:

Joy DeVries, "I really loved being able to take the lesson from my office and never have to leave to go to a classroom …Yes, I felt like I learned faster because I had someone there one on one answering my questions." Miss Christy, "It's nice to be able to ask questions and to be able to go at my own pace…. It feels as though you are right in the middle of a classroom, but within the comfort of your own home." Sam Gonzales, "I really like having the internet there to interact with as well as you on the phone."Jon Stien," The use of telephone and Internet works seamlessly. It really felt like I was in an actual class room." Jennifer Cox, "I love that I can sit at home to take the class…. I learned a lot more than I expected in such a short time." Faye Dalfen, "I like taking it online which is very convenient." Kay Zelko, "I like being able to take the class at home, online and it's very helpful to hear a Spanish speaking person pronounce the words." Arun Kumar, ".. the convenience of internet is very appealing

Antonio T.Jr. "… I was able to learn quickly. I think learning Spanish will be better with a tutor than listening to an audio /CD." Thomas Cawley, " I like the convenience of attending a Spanish class with a teacher whose native language is Spanish from my home or any other location from which I can establish a phone & an internet connection." Patrice Lyttle, "I did really like the class. The teachers were very encouraging, and it was great to be able to hear the language, and not just read it in a book." August Mezzetta, "Your instructor was excellent. Well prepared, articulate and patient."

Andre Watson, "The instructors were very flexible in helping me as a visually impaired student. I am extremely satisfied and thankful for the accommodations that they made to give me a great experience." Juanita Kohn, "..Being able to clearly understand the pronunciation really helped, plus the instantaneous screen action Ö made the lesson more interesting and less stressful. Yes, the classes meet my expectations and more…we will refer you to as many people as possible." Lisa Morshead, "I have taken home-study programs before and this instruction is far superior to that which I received in the past…Your lessons are of much higher quality and this is probably because your instructors are of higher quality." T Simms, "The teacher was so enthusiastic, interesting, engaging and easy to understand."

Sharon Milner, "I liked the fact that the classes are small, cause the teacher then can assess each students needs and adjust accordingly." Chris Littman, "It was fun and interactive"

Stanley Maeschen, "In the past several months my communication skills have improved at least 50% …I have enjoyed using your fabulous "Lexus" Quality of Service for my training. It is second to none and has greatly enriched my life with all the new opportunities that have opened up … I highly recommend this program to anyone ."

Cynthia Godfrey, "I enjoyed the interaction of the teacher and other students." Emily Andrews, "I like the informal structure, that we can ask questions at any time, we can review past material, each lesson builds on the previous lessons, we learn from each otherís mistakes and we can help each other." Gayle Olson, "..I was able to work on my pronunciation and learn more through interaction with the teacher and others in the class…. The pronunciation is the hardest part, so it was more effective to hear the instructor speak the words first." Elizabeth Santana, "I love the fact that she repeats and builds on lessons previously learned ….she teaches with confidence and because her native language is Spanish, I feel I am getting more insight into the language of Spanish."

About MultiLingual Center:
MultiLingual Center is a Phoenix-based language technology company that is dedicated to helping English speakers learn Spanish with live online instructor-led courses using the phone and Internet.