Web services reuse strategy delivers new e-commerce solution

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Melbourne, Australia – November 2, 2007 - looksoftware’s UK partner Simply Computing Ltd (SCL), working with its customer Alexandra plc, has delivered a new web-based procurement system driven in real-time by its RPG based System i back-end.

Alexandra, a major provider of workwear clothing with a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, have always been very satisified with its custom back-end RPG applications. However, they needed to deliver a new web-based procurement application and had to do it quickly. However, they needed to deliver a new web-based application and had to do it quickly. Working with SCL, Alexandra were able to rapidly complete the application by using looksoftware’s soarchitect to provide web services access to their existing RPG code.

"Using looksoftware’s products, we’ve been able to reuse our existing System i applications to drive the new front-end web application and integrate with our back-end RPG code in real-time”, said Ken Turner, Systems Manager at Alexandra.

As a looksoftware solution provider, SCL has also now developed an application for export documentation using looksoftware’s dynamic development suite. ‘Exdocs’ delivers efficiency, cost-savings, customer service and regulatory compliance benefits to exporters.

Marcus Dee of looksoftware said, “SCL’s success with Alexandra is a great example of how a web services approach can deliver rapid results and high reuse of existing RPG code. By service-enabling back-end applications, new solutions can be delivered quickly and relatively easily.

Another customer is starting their 4th project aimed at delivering new functionality by reusing unchanged RPG applications. They’ve improved call centre productivity by 40%, and have since implemented Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) to provide 24x7 customer service. Now, with the success of their other projects so evident, the next one will integrate their back-end application with a partner’s SAP ERP system - all done with a services oriented approach, and more importantly, without changing a single line of RPG code!”

Ian Harris, SCL’s founder and Managing Director, has shaped his career around the mainframe and System i evolutions of midrange hardware and has seen many changes, mostly for the better. Ian, passionate about IBM’s midrange market said, “looksoftware is making such a big difference because its web-enabling and application integration strengths are so instantly evident. Combined with our ‘Punchout’ and ‘EXdocs’ customer application focus, I just know we can deliver exceptionally robust and high value solutions to our customers, and we can do it very quickly!”

Read more about Alexandra's experience with back-end modernization at http://www.looksoftware.com/casestudy_alexandra.htm

**About SCL**

Based near Dunstable, 30 miles north-west of London, and formed in 1999 SCL (www.scl-it.com ) offers a wide range of development, application and consulting services, with a clear focus on the 'user' perspective. This user orientation significantly enhances SCL’s understanding of its clients’ problems and needs, including the many new challenges, and opportunities, that face businesses today.

As well as application modernization (increasingly with looksoftware!), SCL’s service line-up also includes multi-platform software configuration management, System i portal management and application re-engineering, data distribution, transmitted and stored data encryption/decryption and code version conversion tools (RPG 3 to modern syntax/free form). Other quality partners include Arcad (France), Linoma (USA), CVSI and Palmarium and among its many high profile clients are Triumph Motorcycles, Universal Music, Focus, HSBC, Castrol, Manpower, William Blythe Chemicals and the UK’s No1 workplace clothing supplier Alexandra (www.alexandra.co.uk).

Lear more about SCL's first sucess using looksoftware at http://www.looksoftware.com/casestudy_scl.htm

**About looksoftware**

looksoftware, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia is an Advanced IBM Partner and Microsoft Certified Business Partner, providing easy-to-use, powerful tools to web-enable, reuse, extend and integrate core applications. looksoftware is a member of the IBM Developer Roadmap and the Midrange Alliance Program. With over 2,000 customers in 45 countries, looksoftware’s products are distributed via a global network of 120 resellers and ISV partners.

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