Leading Online Retailer of Laminating and Binding Products Deploys EV SSL to help drive Online Conversions

November 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Jersey City, NJ (November 03, 2007) — As more and more eMerchants recognize the value of EV SSL Certificates as a site verification tool that increases trust, Comodo, a leading Certification Authority, is pleased to announce today that many businesses are selecting EV SSL Certificates to improve their overall sales operational profitability. Most recently, Laminator.com, a leading online retailer in the lamination and binding supply business, has deployed EV SSL certificates as a strategy to help redistribute sales from their call center to their more cost efficient website.

While EV SSL Certificates have come to be recognized as a powerful tool to increase customer confidence by displaying a conspicuous green indicator in the address bar in Microsoft™ IE7, the market is also recognizing that EV SSL Certificates can help improve the ROI of all sales operations by increasing online sales conversions that are now being completed by live phone operators. "Many of our customers are government agencies, schools, and business who find the products they want on our website but then call in to make a purchase. They do this because they are concerned about potential phishing threats" said John Moorehouse, CEO of Laminator.com. "With EV SSL Certificates we can alleviate this concern and reassure customers that they are indeed on our site and not a phishing site. Even a few points of sales redistribution from our call center sales in favor of our website will have a huge positive impact on our bottom line".

Comodo EV SSL Certificates verify the identity of online merchants through an extensive authentication process which is then visually communicated to online visitors via a green indicator in the address bar of the site. This visual indicator reassures customers that the site visited is indeed the business it claims to be and that their online transaction will occur in a safe and encrypted manner. EV SSL Certificates help mitigate the threat that consumers may be divulging their sensitive information thus improving operational efficiency through increased online conversion.

"In 2006 when we launched the CA/B Forum, the standards body that developed the guidelines for EV SSL certificates, it was our hope that we could help eMerchants improve the trust equation on their site so that more consumers would feel safe online and be willing to then buy online", said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo. "The type of strategy that Laminator.com is implementing with EV SSL certificates is exactly what we intended - creating trust in the marketplace by creating new ways for eMerchants to generate more trust and ultimately more sales with higher profitability".

To learn more about Comodo EV SSL certificates, please visit; www.instantssl.com