Qualified Address offers on demand address verification

November 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Orem, UT – November 3, 2007 – Qualified Address announced today the release of its newest product, Address Entry Pro, which allows businesses to integrate USPS-certified address verification software into custom software applications using a web service.

The programming tool will help improve data quality for addresses entered into websites or desktop software. It can be accessed using either XML or JavaScript.

Qualified Address anticipates that Address Entry Pro will allow small businesses to leverage the benefits of address correction and verification services previously only realized by larger companies because of high costs, expensive data, and advanced programming requirements.

“The JavaScript version of Address Entry Pro is very easy to install and almost no programming experience is required,” said Jonathan Oliver, Chief Technology Officer for Qualified Address. “I’ve seen people with just a little background in HTML have the script installed and running on their website in less than 15 minutes.”

Address Entry Pro allows businesses to access the address matching technology that powers Qualified Address Certified Scrubbing software using either XML or JavaScript. Certified Scrubbing was evaluated and awarded CASS Certification by the U.S. Postal Service in August 2007.

Address Entry Pro will provide businesses with the following benefits:
- Instant address correction, including ZIP+4 and County assignment, in 12-15 key strokes.
- Address validation against U.S. Postal Service® address files down to the apartment/suite level.
- Real-time address verification can be integrated quickly into current websites and software.
- A reduction in returned mail, improved delivery times and reduction in fraud.

Businesses are invited to try Address Entry Pro for free by visiting http://www.qualifiedaddress.com/Services/Address-Verification-API/.

About Qualified Address

Qualified Address specializes in address verification software and mailing list services. The software and services developed by Qualified Address enable customers to effectively manage communication with their contacts without costly investments in IT infrastructure. Services are flexible and developed so that they can be completely integrated into existing systems. Qualified Address prides itself in being an industry leader for software as a service (SaaS) mailing list solutions. More information on Qualified Address is available at http://www.QualifiedAddress.com/.