PC Upgrade Kit Paves Smooth Road to Windows Vista

November 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 3,2007—Portland, Oregon—PCMK, LLC ® officially released its Vista-compatible PC Upgrade Kit, the best solution for Windows users who want to upgrade to the new features of Windows Vista without giving up tried and true applications under Windows XP. The PC Migration Kit provides the software and process that easily allows any Windows user to upgrade and run Windows Vista on the same computer with Windows XP.

The differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista do not begin and end with Vista’s pretty face. Application incompatibilities, damaged registry settings, and hard drive inconsistencies are a few of the bumps users might encounter on the road to Windows Vista. Now, users can move applications, settings, data files (photos, music, and financial records), email, and more to Windows Vista easily, safely, and cleanly.

“Many Windows XP users already have the hardware to run Vista but upgrading to Vista assumes that everything that works under Windows XP will work under Windows Vista. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Using the PC Upgrade Kit, you can have both XP and Vista, letting users decide where to put 3rd party software, and avoid compatibility issues. We’ve worked with our technology partners to put together a suite of utilities that makes the process almost ‘crash proof’”, said Joel Diamond, PCMK, LLC.

"Dual booting XP and Vista is the safest and easiest way to make the transition, but many users choose the upgrade option because they want to retain the settings and applications they have on XP. With the PC Upgrade Kit, you can have your XP cake and eat Vista, too! By using PCUK, you get the stability and performance benefits of a clean installation without having to spend hours reinstalling programs and reconfiguring settings. It's smart enough to determine which of the programs you're running on XP are compatible and transferring them to Vista (and if there are compatible programs that you don't care to transfer, you can make that choice). The nice thing is that you're in control every step of the way."— Deb Shinder, Editor, VistaNews.

PCMK, LLC designed the PC Upgrade Kit to answer the call for a utility that enables users to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista on their existing computer. Starting at $79.95 the Vista compatible version of the PC Migration Kit is available today directly from PCMK, LLC at www.pcmigrationkit.com.

“Software.com is dedicated to bringing unique software solutions to the mainstream consumer. PC Upgrade Kit is a perfect example of such a solution. It makes the task of migrating to Vista painless, easy and effective. But beyond migration, PC Upgrade Kit opens up the option of running XP and Vista side-by-side on your PC, with your applications available to both operating systems. Software.com wholeheartedly recommends the PC Upgrade Kit.”—Mike Bell, CEO Software.com

PCMK LLC provides Windows XP users with a complete solution to migrate a user's data, settings, and applications to another PC or the new Windows Vista operating system.