New Fitness Business Opens in Kemptville, Specializing in Personal Fitness Training and Fitness for Equestrians

November 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
KEMPTVILLE, ON – EQUIFITT .COM, personal fitness training company and leader in equestrian fitness services in Ontario, today announced the official business opening launch in Kemptville, Ontario.

“The EQUIFITT vision is to help the rural and smaller town population in the area achieve sustainable fitness by making fitness more accessible,” said Heather Sansom, owner of EQUIFITT and personal fitness trainer. “Flexible hours and the option of training from home, or the private environment of the EQUIFITT mini-studio make getting a personalized training program more accessible for people that cannot go to fitness clubs in the area or prefer a different type of environment. Seniors, moms with young children and women often prefer private or semi-private training where they can work at their own pace, learn technique, or not have to worry about baby-sitting.”

“Also, many people who do go to a gym also want to integrate outdoor pursuits, or train for a specific sport. Since EQUIFITT is not affiliated with a specific gym, EQUIFITT training programs are holistic and designed to help clients maximize the fitness investments they already have, while integrating a wider variety of activities in a personalized program for each client. Clients can have the benefit of coaching instruction, accountability, and a complete program regardless of whether they will be working out at home, outdoors, at a gym- or a mix,” Sansom said.

EQUIFITT is also the first fitness training business to open in Ontario with a specialization in equestrian fitness. Equestrian fitness is a growing field in North America. The high concentration of top-level equestrian coaches and riding stables in the Ottawa Valley, and presence of the Equine Studies program at Kemptville College make Kemptville an ideal location for equestrian-specific fitness services.

“Part of the EQUIFITT mission is to contribute to the development of equestrian sport in Canada by helping equestrians cross-train effectively for improved riding and sport performance. People have been talking about the benefits of different fitness approaches such as Pilates and yoga for equestrians, and serious riders often have gym memberships or practice some fitness activity at home,” Sansom said. “However, there is not a lot of specific knowledge out there on how to directly translate the benefits of different cross-training techniques, specifically to improved riding ability. One big challenge for equestrians is fitting additional fitness activities into an already very busy schedule. Most riders already drive to a barn several times a week, and would be hard-pressed to fit in gym time as well. Getting a training program that can be done from home or the barn, and that is specifically tailored to each person’s riding needs and goals would really help bridge the gap for anyone wanting to improve their riding fitness and performance, or simply reduce risk of injury and strain.”

“There are roughly a dozen books in English on equestrian fitness available in North America. As we all know, you can’t get fit from a book. You might get some good ideas, but without demonstration, coaching and accountability, it is very difficult to progress. Also, books are not tailored to each person’s specific weak areas and needs. Riders are especially aware of the need for regular coaching in the saddle, and this applies to technique out of the saddle also. Now equestrians can access personalized training or have access to fitness clinics without having to spend a lot of money to fly a specialist in, or to go out of province,” Sansom added.

For more information, contact: Heather Sansom, business owner
(613) 258-4866,

About Personal Fitness Training and Equestrian Fitness is based in Kemptville, mid-way between Ottawa and Brockville. EQUIFITT uses best practice in personal fitness training to develop personalized training programs that take strength, cardio-vascular ability, flexibility and client body composition into account. EQUIFITT services are unique in the area in offering both day and evening availability, and the option for clients to train from home, or the private mini-studio in Kemptville. EQUIFITT is a leader in fitness for equestrians in Ontario, and one of the first personal fitness services to offer equestrian-specific training in Canada.