New consumer based review website to host reviews of laptops

November 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Ottawa (Friday, November 2, 2007) - Steve Rawlinson, a software and web developer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada created, a site to host laptop reviews, in his spare time in response to the lack of easily accessible consumer reviews on laptops available on the Internet. The website officially launched on Friday, November 2, 2007. is a place where laptop owners can write laptop reviews on models they have owned or purchased. With their laptop reviews they can warn potential buyers to stay away from certain makes or models, or recommend their favorites. can also be used as a resource tool when researching for a particular laptop before making a purchase.

When asked why he developed a website specializing in laptop reviews, Rawlinson responded, "Being the ‘techie’ amongst my family and friends people kept asking me which laptop they should buy. I didn’t have an answer, and I wasn’t very impressed by the information that was available on the Internet.” For the majority of laptops it is fairly easy to find the technical specifications, and a few laptop reviews by “experts”, however when it comes to consumer laptop reviews they may be a little more difficult to locate. “What I really wanted to know was what did other regular, non computer geeks think? Were they happy with their purchase? I think that’s the best predictor of whether a laptop will be good or not” explains Rawlinson.

Rawlinson goes on to say “People don’t buy a car based solely only on how much horsepower they get for their money. Laptops are the same way, in that they are more about the entire package and how well they work for regular people then how good the technical specifications are."

"The site just launched and we need people to write laptop reviews,” explains Rawlinson “so if you have a laptop please write a review for it. One laptop review can make huge a difference. What do you wish you knew before you purchased a laptop?”