Give Your Web Site Visitors Live, Real-Time Support

November 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Barcelona, Spain - - Spanto Soft SL has released RealTimeQuery v. 3.1, a simple Windows application that lets you add sophisticated real-time operator support to your web site. Unlike competitive programs that require changes to your web server and often include monthly payments, RealTimeQuery runs directly on your computer, with no complicated system requirements, and no hidden fees.

When prospects visit a web site with RealTimeQuery installed, they'll see immediately if an operator is available for a real-time chat. A single click alerts your operator that there is a visitor with an inquiry. Visitor and operator can exchange text messages quickly and easily. Your operators have a library of preformatted responses that they can call up, modify when necessary, and send immediately to your web site visitors.

Operators can access information about all of their site's visitors. On the operators' world map, each country's color changes as the number of visitors from that country goes up and down. For each visitor, the operators can see the IP address, browser, and the web site that the visitor was surfing before entering their site.

RealTimeQuery reduces telephone expenses. Instead of talking with visitors on the phone, RealTimeQuery lets you exchange text messages instantly, worldwide. Prospects and customers appreciate the convenience of having a live support person who can answer their questions. By answering inquiries immediately, you can close more sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Most real-time support systems are hosted solutions, requiring you to negotiate with your web host to install and run software on their web server. By contrast, RealTimeQuery runs on any Internet-enabled computer in your company, and requires no modifications of your web host's server software.

RealTimeQuery doesn't use complicated, bloated database engines. The program supports one or more operators. Operators can exchange text and files with each other, and with your web site visitors. Because RealTimeQuery is so simple to learn and to use, your operators become productive immediately. And because of its simplicity, you pay an affordable one-time license fee, with no monthly fees or hidden charges.

The program's DFD interface provides new opportunities to support your customers and prospects with real-time messages. Instead of using their web browser to visit your site and work with your operators, they can simply install an icon on their desktop, and use it to chat with you. By clicking their desktop icon, they pop up a window that lets them communicate with your support operators. You can set up the icon in a Windows help file, or anywhere that is convenient for your customers to find and click.

New features in version 3.1 include the ability to turn RealTimeQuery online and offline automatically as operators come and go; an enhanced visitor interface; a library of preformatted messages that can be modified and sent immediately to visitors; and a DFD interface that lets visitors contact you without a web interface by simply clicking an icon on their desktops.

Whether you're a business person who needs to close more sales by providing real-time support to prospects, a customer support manager who needs a convenient, affordable way for clients to make inquiries, or an entrepreneur who wants to gain a competitive edge by providing superior service in the marketplace, RealTimeQuery has the tools that you need.

RealTimeQuery v. 3.1 runs under Windows Vista/XP/2000, costs $199.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online on Volume discounts are available. You can download a free 15-day trial version from the company's web site. For more information, contact Spanto Soft SL, Pere Pau 19, principal, Barcelona 08032, Spain. Internet: Email: Phone: +34 93 358-5541.

About Spanto Soft SL:
Since 1997, Spanto Soft SL has been developing customized software applications, as well as packaged productivity software. In addition to RealTimeQuery, the company also offers CamUpload, a handy application that lets you grab and save webcam images, and upload them to your web site; and IsOnPost, a program that lets you create calendar windows with your work notes, to-do list, and reminders. For more information, visit