goes global

November 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News, an International Social Networking Agency announces its expansion plans by way of an office in Vienna, Austria in the autumn of 2007.

The dating site promotes Czech Republic women and Slovakian ladies as excellent partners and romantic mates for those looking for companionship as a prelude to more lasting relationships and liaisons.

The dating network professes to overcome lingual and cultural barriers to encompass territories in Europe and in a bid to stretch its scope of clientele further, invites good sales agents from key countries like Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy. The protagonists of the dating service travel across different countries and have a wide experience of meeting and adjusting to demanding schedules as per the requirements and preferences of the network users.

Lending further credence to the aim of are the words of the owner of the dating site, Simon Harris who says, “After browsing you will never feel lonely”.

In its post Communist days Eastern Europe has become a popular hub for visitors and romance and friendship with the local Slovak and Czech women is facilitated through the dating agency by opening channels of communication and acquaintance through the organization. Their ability to interact effectively with people from different nationalities and backgrounds is an added advantage since communication is necessarily the axis on which the principle of networking revolves.

Offering the perfect cure for loneliness and to fill in the blank for that ‘something missing’ syndrome, the network has a fair sampling of Czech Republican and Slovakian women preferred for their down to earth and accommodating demeanor.

Romantic-future is widely respected as a credible International Dating Agency headquartered in Prague. The organization is owned and managed by Simon Harris offers exciting ways to meet a suitable partner and to discover a romantic, fun filled future together in order to beat loneliness and the need for an affable female companion. It holds out a promise to fill the void left by loneliness by offering the company of compatible and friendly Czech and Slovak women.