Marketing Expert Alex Mandossian Reveals How First-time Authors Can Quickly Create More Book—No Magic Required

November 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Alex Mandossian, listed among America's top-ten Internet direct marketers, just released another free article in his web site article series for authors. The article, Book Marketing— Quick and Easy Ways to Create Multiple Books And Make More Money is available for immediate download at

Book Marketing—Quick and Easy Ways to Create Multiple Books And Make More Money gives the fledgling or veteran author a painless way to create new products and multiple versions of existing products without having to develop them from scratch.

In this latest offering, Alex Mandossian details how to use a few simple techniques known as "Repurposing" to take creative ideas and tailor them to reach more markets, generate more interest and increase profit potential.

"Taking a great idea and spinning off many great ideas is the cornerstone of repurposing content," he said. "A single information product, a book for instance, can grow into a series of books, lecture tours, internet articles, training seminars, e-books and the list goes on."

Upcoming articles will continue to address others ways to repurpose materials, as well tips for authors to harness technology and different target markets. Readers will learn:

1. How authors can start the process, even if they don't have a book yet.

2. Simple ways to flow from one repurposed package to another.

3. Many other quick and easy ways to repurpose content.

4. Why repurposing is so profitable (and how you can do to make the most money while taking the least amount of time)

5. How one author increased the price of his book by 500% and turned it into a best seller (and how you can do it too).

6. Why customers want (and will buy) repurposed content in multiple forms. (In fact, if you don't offer your content in multiple ways, you're leaving money on the table and doing a disservice to your customers)

7. Why you have a responsibility to get your message out into the world in as many forms as possible.

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Alex Mandossian has consulted Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, Agora Publishing,, Pinnacle Care, Strategic Coach, Trim Spa as well as thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, Vic Conant, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and many others. He is the CEO and Founder of Heritage House Publishing, Inc.

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