Open Source Storage and DISC Partner to Enhance Open Archive Initiative

November 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Open Source Storage, a leading developer of Network Attached Archival products, and DISC today announced a joint partnership to expand the growing demand for Open Archival Solutions have completed testing and certification of their award-winning OSVault™ Network Archive appliance and the DISC Series of Blu-Ray optical libraries. This certification ensures that Open Source Storage and DISC customers can be confident of complete open network compatibility, functionality and full interoperability in the enterprise.

“While certification of our libraries on the OSVault platform as part of the Open Archive Initiative is very beneficial to each of our companies,” said Horst Schellong, President of DISC Storage, LLC, “more importantly, it is beneficial to our mutual customers who can now be assured that their data is preserved and archived in an open format."

“DISC parallels our own view of full and open interoperation between vendors, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with DISC and their vision of open network archives.” said Chuck Larabie, Vice President of Open Source Storage. “We have made it our mission to deliver affordable and compatible network archival solutions, dispelling the myth that enterprise-class solutions are complex and expensive to acquire and operate."

The OSVault™ Network Archive Server eliminates the need for costly proprietary archival software to control near line systems by delivering a complete appliance based solution which transforms the near line system into a network attached share at prices beginning under $10,000.

About Open Source Storage
Founded in 2003, Open Source Storage has its headquarters in Littleton, Colorado. Open Source Storage is a leading developer of network attached archival appliances and its corporate focus is delivering affordable open archival solutions to all major markets. More information can be found at

Company Contact: Chuck Larabie — or 303-857-5136
Press Contact: Tracy Laidlaw — Beyond Words Llc — or 623-878-8878

About DISC
The DISC Storage LLC objective is to provide innovative, competitively priced, best in class optical storage solutions which ensure permanent, secure, timely, economic and unobtrusive archiving. We achieve this through teamwork, innovation, service and quality delivered. DISC is located in Cupertino, California.

Company Contact: Horst Schellong — or 408-727-0622