Unveiling ‘The Jewel in The Crown’ at the New FOCUS Laser Vision Clinic - The WaveLight Allegretto EyeQ 400Hz Blue Line Laser

November 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
FOCUS Laser Vision, the UK’s dedicated laser treatment correction and reading vision specialists, have just opened a brand new state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of London’s Harley Street’s medical enclave. Boasting 3,000 square feet the new clinic showcases the new WaveLight Alegretto EyeQ Laser.

FOCUS Laser Vision has invested in the best, safest and latest laser eye treatment technology available, confirmed by rigorous US FDA clinical trials. The WaveLight Alegretto EyeQ 400 Hz Blue Line Laser is the fastest, most technically advanced laser in the world, treating most prescriptions in less than 10 seconds or around two seconds per dioptre.
It’s the newest laser in the UK. American government studies have found it to have the best safety and vision results of any laser for wavefront customised short sighted eye treatments. It comes with the most accurate eye scanners available in the UK providing even greater safety.

Massive treatment range

Backed up with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data the laser treats up to minus 14 prescriptions.

Key features:

Wavefront and customisation as standard

The WaveLight Allegretto EyeQ laser and diagnostic equipment has the largest potential for customised treatments.
At FOCUS Laser Vision, all the treatments are wavefront-based and can be tailored to each individual patient as every eye differs in corneal shape, optics, corneal thickness and pupil size. The WaveLight laser is engineered to consider the natural shape of the human eye. It aims to improve what nature originally designed and considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of each eye, preserving quality of vision.

Wavefront Guided Custom LASIK can literally take a 'fingerprint' of each person's optical pathway and use the information to reduce or virtually eliminate significant higher order aberrations. These vision imperfections can lead to poorer quality of vision, especially at night.

Using the Tscherning Wavefront Analyser unique to the laser, it projects a fine grid of 168 light beams onto the retina and captures its image using a high-resolution camera. The image is then compared with a normal eye and the information is used to create an ideal vision correction profile, which removes any distortion from the optical path in order to bring an object into near perfect focus.

This procedure allows for an optimal correction that is not attainable without unique customization, unlike previous techniques of laser surgery. It has a greater chance of achieving 20/20 or better vision and reduces the chance of night vision and glare problems.

The active NEUROTRACK system, unique to this laser, provides greater accuracy and control by preventing eye rotation during treatments. Other systems only correct for this problem at the start of treatment but not once the laser is active, which results in less accuracy and potentially poorer vision.

Additionally the WaveLight Allegretto can treat patients with very small or very large pupils, from 1.8 to 8mm in diameter, by extremely rapid infrared eye tracking.


WaveLight lasers come with a unique safety feature: PerfectPulse Technology™. This sophisticated technology ensures that the entire treatment and each pulse of the laser beam are completely controlled.

PerfectPulse Technology™

• High precision process control

• Eliminates environmental factors like humidity and temperature with a sealed enclosure for the optics

• Ensures placement of every laser pulse with ultra-fast precision eye tracking that follows the fastest eye movements with the laser beam; even when your eye moves, the treatment remains perfectly centered

• Prevents thermal effects and dryness on the eye, hence improving the healing process

The laser itself uses a sharply focused profile measuring less than 1mm across. This allows it to remove the minutest amounts of corneal tissue with greater accuracy, essential to sharper vision.


In order to provide the most precise results, surgeons conduct an accurate assessment of the eye’s visual defects and exactly determine its health. The WaveLight laser then uses this information to create a precise treatment with an accurate and predictable outcome.

The WaveLight laser uses a very small laser beam that shapes the eye’s surface like a very delicate brush. The smooth shape of the beam creates an even surface across the entire eye, shortening healing times and providing precise results.


With WaveLight laser systems, the actual treatment time lasts only a few seconds, significantly shorter than other lasers commonly used in the UK. An average treatment will take no more than 10-12 seconds – in many cases even less.
This faster treatment reduces the risk of infection because it minimises the eye's exposure to surrounding air. Also, clinical studies have demonstrated that a quick treatment will reduce the healing and recovery time since the stress impact on the eye is lessened and dehydration is reduced.

Superior Results

In order to receive permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat patients in the United States, WaveLight was required to conduct a strictly controlled clinical study on more than 1,200 myopic (short sighted) and hyperopic (long sighted) eyes and then monitor and report the results over a one-year period following the treatments.

The outcomes not only fulfilled the rigid standards of the American regulatory authorities, they exceeded them. Thus WaveLight effectively demonstrated the precision and stability of its laser.