Away Resort to debut on Koh Kood, Thailand

November 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Away Resort is located on the west coast of Koh Kood at Klong Chao Beach. Lying 82 kilometres off the coast of Trat Province on the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Kood is approximately 25 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide, making it the forth biggest island in Thailand. The island often referred to as “The Maldives of Thailand” boasts stunning natural scenery and postcard beaches.

Away Resort on Koh Kood is the epitome of an island hideaway. The resort features spacious luxury bungalow villas, with private terraces and sea views from almost every room. The resort has the largest activity and dive centre on the island, so guests can enjoy not only the beauty and peacefulness of the resort, but also everything the island has to offer.

Catering to guests that feel the need to escape from their fast paced stressed life, the resort offers guests every opportunity to truly slow down and enjoy their island holiday. A combination of peaceful surroundings, and the numerous activities and adventures offered by the resort provide the perfect balance for a relaxing and fun vacation. There is no place better in Thailand to get away than Away Resort.

The Away owners recognized that in this high speed life that we live in there is a desperate need to provide people an excuse and opportunity to truly slow down and appreciate life once more

Founded on the precepts that we largely live in an “Age of Rage”, Away provides guests a renewed balance in life.

Developed on the philosophy of” Slow Tourism”, Away Resorts are designed to allow guests to enjoy their vacation at their own pace and set their own tempo.

In a society that is controlled by time, where time is money, Away allows guests to live life at the tempo it was meant to be, and enjoy the simpler things in life.

It is not a new religion, or strict doctrine, because we don’t take our-selves that seriously. It is more an interpretation of enjoying the simpler things in life and providing a break from the high velocity life we all tend to be trapped in.

A resort by Away appeals to people who realize that their lives are controlled by the clock, and that they need to get off the speedway of life and take a break. Over worked and over stressed Away guests need to “Get Away” from their normal routine and enjoy a vacation in paradise paced to the beat of an exotic island tempo.

They don't need 24 hours room service, and they don't need marble clad, gold plated bathrooms to achieve it. What they need is a simple environment conducive to slowing down the pace of their life.

The philosophy and the positioning of the resorts may not even be obvious to some guests, and they are certainly not forced on anyone. It is more of an opportunity that can be taken or left as you please.

This appeals to guests that need to adjust on a gradual basis, as they wind down and slow down during their stay. It appeals to people who recognize they need to find a better balance, without forgoing some of life's luxuries.

As a brand, Away has a very unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all elements of the resort. Whether it be design, service, location…..Away Resort will always exhibit:

o Slowness …….of pace; allowing guests to control their own tempo
o Connection ……of interaction ; allowing guests to enjoy the experience, whether it be social, food, service or activities and a chance to be introduced to the local community. Like going fishing with the locals.
o Natural……locale and environs; providing a perfect back-ground that brings the heart, mind, body and soul peace!

So what do we do that is different to other resorts? It is easiest explained by the following comparisons. At Away we encourage and facilitate guests to:

o Enjoy beach walks not running on a treadmill
o Enjoy reading a book not watching TV
o Enjoy paddling a canoe not riding a jet ski
o Enjoy a slow quality meal not hastily downing fast food
o Enjoy listening to quiet jazz not loud rock
o Enjoy an afternoon massage not an afternoon of shopping
o Enjoy a morning sleep in not a 6:00am wake up for the tour bus
o Enjoy a 2 hour boat shuttle exploring neighbouring beaches and villages not a frantic 40 minute high speed boat ride
o Enjoy a days scuba diving not a day visiting 6 local sites in 2 hours ( Away Resort has the only Diving School and Centre on the island)
o Enjoy a morning swinging in a hammock and not catching up with emails in your room.

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