Angelo Dundee's "My View from the Corner" (with Bert Sugar)

November 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
"This book's appeal lies in Dundee's colorful and punchy personality, as he enlivens the prose with entertaining, Yogi Berra-like jokes, tautologies and euphemisms. It's no surprise that Dundee helped Ali develop his famous rhymes." - Publishers Weekly

"The teaming of esteemed boxing trainer Dundee and Sugar, perhaps the best boxing writer around, produces a lively and insightful look at professional boxing in the second half of the 20th century." – Library Journal

Angelo Dundee has lived a half-century of boxing history. During that period he trained a record-breaking fifteen world champions and countless top contenders – wiping away their sweat and blood and instilling whatever it took to win. My View from the Corner: A Life in Boxing (McGraw-Hill, November 2007) is his story in his own words with the help of renowned boxing writer Bert Sugar. It is also the story of the legendary ring warriors Dundee helped forge into champions, including all-time greats Muhammad Ali, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, and George Foreman, as well as champs Willie Pastrano and Carmen Basilio.

But you won’t read just about prize fighters. Dundee can’t tell his tale without including an amazing cast of characters who could only exist in the larger-than-life world of professional boxing. You’ll be immersed in stories starring everyone from sportscaster Howard Cosell to artist LeRoy Nieman to mobster Frank Costello.

With a foreword from Muhammad Ali, original cover artwork by LeRoy Neiman, and a 16-page exclusive photo insert, My View from the Corner is filled with the depth and insight that can only come from a man who truly loves what he does. The veteran trainer gives you ringside seats and the inside scoop into what really happened during such classic sports moments as:

- The ALI-LISTON rematch, which even today many believe was “fixed”

- The Rumble in the Jungle (ALI VS. FOREMAN) where Dundee was accused of loosening the ring ropes in order to let Ali perform his now-famous “rope-a-dope”

- The second LEONARD-DURAN fight known for Duran uttering the infamous “no mas” – Dundee reveals Duran never actually spoke those words

- FOREMAN VS. MOORER where George Foreman made history by becoming the oldest man to win the Heavyweight Championship

- LEONARD VS. HAGLER, which ended with one of the most controversial decisions in boxing history

For the first time, Dundee also candidly discusses his feelings regarding Ali’s conversion to Islam, the mob and its influence on boxing, training Russell Crowe for Cinderella Man (which Dundee also appeared in), the psychology of training fighters, and much more.

Angelo Dundee is a legendary boxing corner man who has worked with 15 world boxing champions, including Muhammad Ali, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Jose Napoles, George Foreman, Jimmy Ellis, Carmen Basilio, and Luis Rodriguez. He was named Manager of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association in 1968 and 1979. Dundee was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1994. He continues to train boxers and has acted as ringside commentator for many televised fights. Dundee recently trained Russell Crowe for Crowe’s characterization of James J. Braddock in Cinderella Man and appeared in the film himself as “Angelo” the corner man.

With his trademark fedora and cigar, Bert Randolph Sugar is one of the best-loved and respected sports historians in the country. He has edited and authored over 50 books and contributed articles for Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Journal and The New Yorker. The International Veteran Boxers Association named him the “Greatest Boxing Writer of the 20th Century,” the Boxing Writers Association named him “Boxing Writer of the Year” and the Rocky Marciano Foundation presented him the “Integrity in Boxing Award.”

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