Private Islands Inc. Introduces the Most Romantic Holiday Gift

November 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Canadian-based company Private Islands Inc. has listings for more than 700 private islands for sale and rent internationally, and is now offering a special bespoke service providing island rentals for the upcoming holiday season. CEO Chris Krolow says that while island rentals have always been a popular vacation option, and a way to test properties prior to purchase, there was a need to ease the process of arranging rentals for popular holidays such as Christmas and New Years Eve.

“We now have an extensive list of properties with a guaranteed availability for these sought-after dates”, says Krolow. “Clients simply have to let us know their requirements. Island choices can range anywhere from a picturesque cottage surrounded by snow-covered pines, to a sunny tropical paradise in the Caribbean or South Pacific. Rentals can include private spas, a full set of staff, and custom-designed parties- the sky is the limit.”

The allure of the private island is closely tied to an association with stars, including island owners Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, says Director of Operations Alexis Pappas. “And for every celebrity who owns an island, dozens more like Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Kidman will rent them for ultra private getaways, weddings and honeymoons. The ultimate in seclusion, private islands are perfect for couples”, she says. “There’s just nothing more romantic than feeling like you’re the last two people on earth.”

With more than 450 private islands offered for sale through Private Islands Inc., there are many options for those looking for an even more luxurious gift than an island holiday. Krolow suggests that the best gift islands are usually fully developed properties like Florida’s Melody Key, on the market for US $7M, or one of the many Bahamas islands that come complete with elegant homes and in some cases, even airstrips for private jets.

Krolow adds that while island rentals may be far more common than purchase, there are many who seek out islands as a surprise for their loved ones. “One of the most charming examples has to be a man who found a beautiful Ontario island that shared his wife’s name, and bought it for her sight unseen,” he smiles. “That would be the most unforgettable Christmas ever.”

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