Golfers finally have a golf product (IGS) that allows them to build a repeatable golf swing for every shot in the game

November 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Craig Johnson, the inventor of the Interlink Golf System (IGS), is pleased to announce that the first year of the IGS has been a great success. Proof of the quality and effectiveness of the IGS is highlighted below by just a few of the enthusiastic comments that have been made about the IGS this year.

Proof of the quality and effectiveness of the IGS is highlighted below by just a few of the enthusiastic comments that have been made about the IGS this year.

“My head is about to explode with the amount of great information in your IGS DVD set! Your system offers a great new and easy approach to learning golf. I have bought just about every book and DVD on the market and after viewing your system I can honestly say that all the other books and DVDs are from the dark ages compared to your system. Say goodbye to these others because I'm throwing them in the trash.” Peter M.

“I am a PGA Apprentice and was looking at your web site and the video about cutting 8 steps to 2. I think that's a great idea, and the video clearly gets people to set up in the right position. I find it hard to get people to line up square (the way the PGA wants us to teach). Now, my experience has taught me that minimalism is the key to teaching the swing and I've watched everyone from Ledbetter, Suttie, Ballard, Bonar, etc., teach the swing. I pick up very little from them, but most things I just don't like anyway. I do like what I saw in your videos. I like the way you lay the foundation down, then address the swing path, then address the two swings (non-release, release).” Jeff M.

“In my short 6 years of golf I have tried many systems including: Ken Venturi, IMA, Heard Super Swing, Natural Golf and Big Grip Golf. Your system is the easiest to follow and understand. Also, your DVDs are the most professional with great picture and sound clarity.” George K.

“Last Tuesday I ordered your Interlink Golf System's DVDs. After watching just the first two modules and taking the practice drills and methods to the practice range and course I have actually quit going to the pro I was seeing.” Douglas R.
Douglas was so excited about his progress with the IGS that three months later he couldn’t resist raving again:
“When I started the system, my handicap was 9.9 and now I am down to a 5.8. This past week I shot a personal best 71 at my home course (Par is 72). It's nice to know that the IGS drills carry over from the practice range to the golf course without any extra thinking.” Douglas R.

And finally, Divine appreciation: “I have improved my game so much that the pastor of my church has asked me to teach about 8-10 church teens your system.” Richard K.

Craig is thrilled that the IGS is such a major breakthrough for the sport of golf, as testified to by golfers of all abilities and ages. If you want to join in the stampede to make your golf game a true pleasure, just log on to, and join the fun. Who knows, you might just find the IGS DVD set in your stocking this year. Rumor has it that Santa-Craig has an elf making an IGS DVD set with your name on it!

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