2008 Presidential Candidate For Sale on eBay

November 08, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
“It’s official. A 2008 presidential candidate is for sale on eBay,” says Scott Hove of Henderson, NV. “Well, to be specific, the dot com domain name is for sale but I wouldn’t be surprised if a real candidate popped up there too!”

Hove made this statement after listing 2008PresidentialCandidate.com for sale on the eBay online marketplace. He had purchased the domain name about a year ago.

“I couldn’t believe it was available when I bought it. That in and of itself tells me something about the candidates,” Hove said. “When I researched what people were typing into the search engines these words (2008 presidential candidate) were very popular in terms of the presidential election. Don’t you think the candidates would do that kind of research? Evidently not!”

Scott Hove said he intends to contact a few of the major candidates to let them know it’s available. “John Edwards comes to mind immediately since I know he has the ability to buy it!”

The listing price began at ninety-nine cents and Hove will take whatever is offered even if it is $0.99. “It’s going to be interesting to see if a 2008 presidential candidate picks this up or if it goes to someone who might spoof them,” Hove concluded.