Armistead Technologies Launches Online PCB Reverse Engineering Cost Estimator

November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
GLEN ARM, MD November 9, 2007 – Reverse engineering a printed circuit board (PCB) is a highly customized project, requiring in-depth knowledge of electronics, design engineering, and production. That complexity makes it difficult for companies to know how much to budget when outsourcing a reverse engineering project, or even whether or not reverse engineering a current PC board is a cost-effective option.

Fortunately, there is now a quick, simple, private way to get an estimate: an automated PCB reverse engineering project cost calculator, available with no cost or commitment on the Armistead Technologies website.

“All you do is fill out a simple form and you get an instant cost estimate right online,” says John Armistead, founder and owner of Armistead Technologies. “The calculator can even factor in rush charges for projects requiring fast turnaround.”

Although the website makes it clear that the estimate generated is not a full quote, the tool is highly useful for companies merely seeking a rough estimate to aid in establishing a project budget – and who don’t want the hassle of talking to a salesperson.

“The form never even asks for your contact information,” Armistead explains. “The entire calculation takes place online, in real time. If you contact me later, I don’t know whether or not you’ve used the online estimator unless you tell me.”

Armistead points out that PCBs can be very cost-effective to reverse engineer, and in many cases the process can lead to additional cost savings. For example, Armistead often updates the design to specify currently available components, which are cheaper and easier to source than older components used on outdated designs. The process can even include upgrading capabilities and adding features.

To use or bookmark this online estimating tool, visit Or, for a firm quote, call Armistead Technologies at (410) 627-2408.

About Armistead Technologies, LLC
Armistead Technologies is an engineering firm based near Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 1989 by John Armistead, a graduate electrical engineer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Armistead Technologies specializes in reverse engineering printed circuit boards, and re-engineering older PCB designs to be compliant with updated standards and compatibilities.

For more information, visit or call John Armistead at (410) 627-2408.