Coaching Youth Basketball: Teaching Position Specific Skills

November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Coach Ronn Wyckoff, already the author/producer of 24 e-book and videos, as well as the 4-hr. instructional DVD, “Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing”, has brought another instructional basketball coaching e-book to the market, entitled, “Coaching Youth Basketball: Teaching Position Specific Skills”.

The author follows the premise that individual players have already been taught fundamental skills. He questions coaches: “After the individual players have been taught the basics, what comes next?” He answers this with, “position specific skills”.

According to Coach Ronn, there are lots of little details, that when paid attention to, can make a big difference in skill playing at any position. The teaching and learning of the team game can be greatly enhanced when the players have good individual fundamental skills

In Teaching Position Specific Skills, Coach Ronn brings you all the detailed teaching methods to be able to bring out the best for each player, in whatever position they play. He gives you specific and highly detailed instructions for both inside play (post/power forward) and perimeter play (guard/wing).

His detailed teaching leads you through step-by-step, purposeful and powerful movement for inside play that makes defending extremely difficult. He then repeats the same process for perimeter play. After each set of offensive maneuvers he then shows how to defend any offensive attack.

Accompanying the text are photos of players enacting the offensive and defensive moves, along with dozens of diagrams depicting every move Coach Ronn is teaching.

Coach Ronn calls this his “completion book”. This e-book wraps up all the other e-books he has written that covered teaching all the basic skills: Balance and movement; passing; dribbling; shooting; rebounding; moving without the ball; moving with the ball; and how to play defense.

“And that’s not all”, says the author. “For every book, there’s a corresponding video that shows my teaching of all the detailed, specific skills covered in the e-books.” Indeed, Coach Ronn has demonstrated through this latest book, and in all his previous works, every position, every scenario, offensive play, defensive play and all the fundamental skills necessary for any individual player to improve their game.
Coach Ronn’s more than fifty years of playing and coaching basketball, and being a coaching consultant, uniquely qualify him to teach coaches how to teach basketball and players to play better basketball. His programs have reached hundreds of coaches and players around the world with his simple yet highly detailed teaching methods. More can be learned about Coach Ronn and his programs at his website