Aquarium Claims Software Speeds Up Claims Handling Process

November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Claims management software company Aquarium Claims has a timely solution for claims companies expecting a flood of claims around Halloween. Research has proved October 31 to be the worst day of the year for criminal damage. The number of insurance claims for cracked windows, broken fences and fire damage soars by 150%. Aquarium’s new claims management software helps claims companies handle claims faster, more efficiently, and with a greater level of customer service.

More than one in 10 people say their home has been defaced by trick-or-treaters, according to insurance company Norwich Union. Flying missiles like eggs, flour, milk bottles and stones account for the most damage. One homeowner made a £500 claim when a pumpkin soared through his window. Homeowners also report wheelie bin fires, broken fences, demolished garden walls and shattered plant pots.

With the deluge of claims following Halloween, fast and efficient handling of claims is vital for the insurance industry. The new and improved version of AquariumClaims claims management software makes the process simpler, smarter and speedier for claims companies. AquariumClaims is a state-of-the-art case management software solution specially designed for fast growth claims companies. Version 2.1 delivers even more benefits to the user, further speeding up the claims handling process.

“The significant increase in insurance claims after Halloween makes the claims handling task even tougher for the insurance industry. At the same time, claims companies have to work faster and more efficiently. This is where AquariumClaims delivers. The new easy-to-use features in Version 2.1 make it an even better product, delivering greater simplicity and reliability to the claims handling process,” said Aquarium’s product marketing director, Mark Colonnese.

AquariumClaims is designed to be quick to set up and is available at a comparatively lower cost. It uses the latest web-based technology giving users a powerful solution at a cost that traditional software providers cannot match.

Aquarium has set up a “60 second” online test which allows claims companies to compare their current processes with state-of-the-art claims processing using AquariumClaims. The test is free and confidential, and the results are emailed back immediately to the user. Interested claims managers can take the AquariumClaims online test at

For further information contact Aquarium Software, free of charge, on 0800 781 7570 or visit


Notes to editors
Traditional software is installed locally on the user’s own server, so requires the user’s IT staff to install and update the software. By using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Aquarium does away with this, taking care of installation, maintenance and upgrading of the software as well as secure data storage. The company has also revised its pricing model so, instead of the traditional upfront license costs, ongoing maintenance charges and heavy consultancy set-up fees, Aquarium can offer users faster start-up and much more flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, if they want.