Doherty video suggests the need for intervention

November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Laguna Niguel, CA November 9, 2007 — Pete Doherty, lead singer and founder of the Baby shambles, is shown in video footage injecting drugs only hours after claiming to be clean. Doherty, who recently completed a six week treatment program for his drug addiction, was captured on a mobile phone camera at his home in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on Friday using the illicit substance. InterventionMD, an international group of interventionists, facilitates family interventions that help addicted individuals like Pete to end self destructive patterns through motivation.

The singer of the Baby shambles has had an extremely turbulent life as of late, from numerous arrests to most recently breaking up with fiancée Kate Moss. Doherty's numerous attempts to get clean and sober through rehabilitation centers have been dismal failures. Even with the judicial support of several Judges, who in the past ordered Doherty to treatment, the singer is still unable to remain sober. Doherty's own father stopped speaking with him for 3 years due to his drug abuse and broken promises. The two recently reconciled while Doherty was being treated for drug addiction in October 2007. Three weeks prior, Doherty was issued a four month suspended prison sentence and a 12 month drug rehabilitation order for a drug-related arrest in May 2007. Judicial requests and consequences have little effect on drug addicts and alcoholics. More often than not, Intervention MD's intervention services are needed to further motivate the individual towards recovery. Furthermore, Intervention MD recently expanded into the United Kingdom, enabling English families to end the cycle of addiction.

Doherty has suffered many consequences issued by those closest to him in the past. These consequences more often than not are directed at Pete Doherty's drug addiction, not Pete himself. Many outsiders believe that issuing penalties and consequences will snap the drug addict out of their behavior and return them to a normal functioning person; however, the reality is the consequences only have negative affects on the drug user. During times of substance abuse, many family members and friends begin to seek outside help for the addict. An Intervention is not a consequence, it's an opportunity for addicted individuals and families to escape the cycle of addiction. Intervention MD combines education and first hand experience ensuring a successful intervention.

InterventionMD, a nationwide group of interventionists, offer a vital service for family members on the frontlines of addiction. An intervention is the process of breaking through the barriers of denial that enable addicted individuals to continue their use of drugs and alcohol. An intervention is performed by a professional interventionist who guides the family and helps facilitate the event. The group of interventionists has recently begun providing their services to the United Kingdom, further extending their goal of combating drug addiction. Gabe Hynes, the president of InterventionMD, provided some insight into the recent events surrounding Pete Doherty:

Asked why Pete Doherty would return to drugs almost immediately after leaving treatment, Hynes said, "Many drug addicts who don't have the proper motivation entering drug treatment have a difficult time sustaining sobriety after leaving the treatment center." Hynes continued to discuss the link between celebrity status and addiction: "Being a celebrity is very stressful and can cause an individual to look for alternate ways to cope with life, many times turning to drugs and alcohol."

Hynes further commented on how InterventionMD services would help the Doherty family: "InterventionMD is a resource for families who need help dealing with an addicted loved one. We meet with the family and develop a plan that will not only help the addicted, but the family as well. Healthy boundaries are a must; they enable everyone to become more comfortable in the family dynamic. As far as the Doherty's go, a family intervention could have put them on the right path, keeping the family unified and helping Pete receive the proper motivation and treatment he needs."

Hynes continued to stress the importance of both an intervention and treatment: "Statistics show that those intervened upon by family and friends have a higher rate of success staying sober after treatment. As in Pete's case he was ordered to treatment from a judge and was unable to stay sober. Even with a court order for drug treatment, families should still sit down with their loved ones, express their pain, set healthy boundaries, and give the individual the proper motivation for treatment."

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InterventionMD facilitates family interventions and creates customized treatment plans for families and addicted individuals, executive interventions for professionals, workplace interventions for employees who are assets to their company, and adolescent interventions for teenagers suffering from substance abuse.