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November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Avidian Technologies, has announced that it is launching an RSS news feed in order to increase its visibility in the CRM software and business software market. Items available via Avidianís RSS feed will include Avidianís latest releases, articles and customer case studies on CRM and Contact Management success.

RSS stands for ďReally Simple SyndicationĒ and will provide Avidian Technologies with the opportunity to produce more content that is available on the Internet. Avidian is aware that the majority of businesses that use the Internet do so to help them find not only customers, but also products and services they need to build their businesses.

Many web publishers rely on RSS feeds to provide content for websites including links and headlines and Avidian intends to capitalize on these capabilities. The RSS news feed will be combined with advance Search Engine Optimization techniques to make the company a major player on the Internet.

With over 12,500 businesses worldwide successfully using Avidianís Prophet CRM and Contact Management software in Outlook, the company is continuing its worldwide leadership in the CRM space. Prophet CRM is widely known for providing easy contact management and effective sales automation solutions to small and medium size companies. The CRM software is designed to operate within Microsoft Outlook and is easy to install and very user-friendly.

Businesses that are using Prophet CRM software are reporting increases in conversion rates, sales and profits. The system is fully automated and provides sales managers with a way to keep up with everything being done by the sales team. Prophetís patented technology for easy contact management, sales tracking and reporting capabilities makes it a great solution for companies looking for simple and yet powerful sales management system.

Avidian reports that with its RSS news feed efforts it fully expects to quickly increase the traffic to its website and bring in more customers who will learn the advantages of the contact management and CRM software the company provides. It will also increase the companyís ability to provide information about new innovations in its CRM products.

About Avidian Technologies

Avidian Technologies is the leading software company specializing in creating sales management solutions for users of Outlook and Exchange. Prophet, developed by Avidian Technologies on the .NET platform, is the leading sales software built inside Microsoft Outlook. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. For more information, please visit