India’s leading astrology site highlights on Mayan’s prediction - End of Lifecycle by Dec 2012

November 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Mumbai 9th November, 07: India’s leading astrology site, known for its Astrology, Horoscope and Birth charts, enlightens on the prediction of Mayan calendar - The end of human life cycle by 23rd December, 2012. reveals the prediction by the Mayan civilization and the literature The Mayans kept extremely detailed astronomical records and they followed the cycles of the planets and stars as they travel around in their orbits. Mayan Civilization – a mesoamerican civilization, which existed in the 10th millennium BC.

According to the Business Head of Mr. Raj Rao, “Mayan people used more than one calendar - not just to keep track of dates but also to lead a life in harmony with the Creation. And we have been told about their most important calendar called Tzolkin (which started as far back as 2114 BC (4000 years ago) suddenly comes to an end on 21st Dec 2012. A global cataclysm is one possibility. On we have provided this information in detail to all our members who are keen to know about the Mayan’s prediction “.

It is only recently that Meso-American Astrologers, Anthropologists and experts in cuneiform script have been able to reveal the secrets contained in the Mayan literature, most important of them are the Mayan Calendars. There are two calendars that is of interest, one is called the Tzolkin - which was used to forecast the day spiritually, and the Long Count - that was used to measure period over a span of thousands of years. The Tzolkin consists of 260 days divided into 20 Zodiac Signs (as against our 12 zodiac signs) and 13 Galactic Energies or Tones from the Sun. The 20 Zodiac Signs have a symbol but the Galactic Tones are simply referred by a number 1 to 13.

We are currently in the 4th cycle recorded by the Mayan. It started in 3114B.C. and lasts for 5126 years until 2012. With the end of the 4th cycle comes, the beginning of the 5th cycle. The Mayan believe that in the 5th cycle the ancient wisdom of the Maya will be rediscovered by the world and it will be a new dawn for mankind. Of all the dates put forth by prophets and cultures for a doomsday, this is one with an authentic almost supernatural feel to it.

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