International automotive project

November 10, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Karlsruhe, 11-10-2007 Star Transmission Cigor (STC), a subsidiary of the Daimler AG, will use the abas Business Software to optimize its business processes in the future. STC produces toothed wheels, shafts, chain wheels, planet wheels, camshafts, pinions and chain adjusters for motors and gearboxes mainly for Mercedes vehicles since 1996. In the past five years the company experienced a growth of 400% in production and sales and distribution.

High performance IT system brings competitive advantages
The further expansion of production, a slimline business model and improved competitiveness in the western markets are the strategic goals of STC. In order to achieve these goals, the management decided to implement an IT system with integrated financial accounting and cost accounting in order to improve the efficiency of internal processes.

Last year the company put out an ad with the intention of finding a partner with international experience and competence in the automotive sector, as well as an ERP solution. After a selection process lasting one year, the management team led by Dr. Markus Vuellers decided to work with a group of abas ERP implementation partners (Sbsol and Lasting) with amotlQ being in charge.

Combined expert knowledge
SBsol is the romanian abas ERP localization partner, Lasting brings expert advice in the areas of human resources and quality assurance, and makes the hardware infrastructure available. In order to reach the standards of the high level of quality assurance, abas ERP will be supplemented by the computer controlled quality management of Pickert & Partner. Pickert & Partner, due to many previous projects, has a great deal of experience with Daimler quality standards. amotlQ sro controls and is the leader of the abas ERP/Automotive project and is part of the amotlQ group which has worked with Daimler in complex SAP implementation projects for many years.