Why and How to create online Memorial Website for loved one

November 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
As more people seek option to create memorial website for their lost loved ones, www.last-memories.com is offering unique amount of different services. They offers free creation of memorial website with remarkable ease of use for any type of internet user.

This new website www.last-memories.com provides services for anybody who lost somebody dear and they are doing it very well. Their services range from basic creation of the website, where you need to use very intuitive graphic interface, through creating of memorial book, unlimited photo albums, or even memorial video.

Everything on this website is as far as one click of the mouse. Users are also able to log in to their memorial forum and meet other members who are dealing with same fate. For anybody who wants to use different background style, www.last-memories.com is offering multiple styles for any occasion. so each memorial website is unique in its special way. They also provide members with option to create custom sub pages as well. And if somebody wants to create family tree, you can do it with the ease of one click. So thanks to www.last-memories.com it is very easy, even for person who is not computer literate create beautiful and unique memorial website which can help preserve precious memories of loved ones.

Some of their Features:

Name of your choice. The easiest way for your friends and family to find this website on internet.

Design extraordinary family tree, with links to previous and future generations.

Easy Drag and Drop system for ordering images and Multiple images upload by one click.

Choose from huge selection of memorial music or upload your own.

Create your own custom sub-pages (like journal page, or time line page…) with custom music.

Give your friends and relatives the chance to light the memorial candle or share their memories.

Create photo-albums for any occasion with unlimited amount of pictures and produce slideshow with uploaded pictures.