Membership and Social 2.0 Website Design Services launched by Membership Media Services

November 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Member Media Services. Com has announced its official launch to the public today. The web services and design group is focused on building attractive 2.0 optimized social websites. They have structured the sites to be more interactive for users. A community type setting that will work well in any niche or business. The problem has been that the cost and functionality for the “non techie” user has been prohibiting people from using these types of marketing platforms.

“Bringing people together has always been what the internet is about “said Camilla Ricketts one of the partners in the business “People like to belong and have interaction both in a chat, and a forum type arena.”

Member Media Service has certainly done that with an attractive package around it. “The goal is to keep people on your site and using it” said Ricketts “If they are not feeling comfortable and the website is not attractive they won’t stay long.” She stated when talking about the more unattractive options that have been out on the market for a while now. The websites have beautiful graphics and different options that the website owner can move around to make it attractive and suited to their market.
The company also is helping its customers learn ways to put up valuable content on their sites, and to use the best 2.0 promotion techniques. There are a wide range of products and packages to choose from and the prices are more incredible than the features they provide.

If you have been thinking about building a website for a group, community or a niche you won’t go wrong with the membership or social site structure. This is the biggest buzz on the internet. Some social sites have recently sold in the Billions of Dollars. You can easily turn any niche market into a community.

The group has also taken care of the problem of creating graphics, photos and articles to fill your site with content. Member Media Source is an independent sister site that allows people to submit content and get paid, which makes the quality much better. Web site owners can then purchase the content they need that is suited to their particular niche. They can also request specific content and one of the many authors listed on the site will have the option to create content for that specific customer.
The two biggest hurdles that stop most people from putting their fantastic ideas out to the masses are website design that is easy to use and maintain, and creating good quality web content for that website. The Member Media group has given everyone a new option to solve these problems at reasonable rates.