Xpertwebsite.com launches discounted or free web services in exchange for on-line shopping credits through their affiliate marketing program.

November 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Chicago, IL, Nov. 11, 2007 —- Xpertwebsite.com combines for the first time web services in exchange for on-line shopping credits through an affiliate marketing program. Clients benefit in three ways from this novel approach first, by lowering business expenses, second by extending their web visibility, and third by getting discounted or free web services.

Small businesses are able to shop for needed business supplies at discounted prices, and at the same time, receive shopping credits for discounted or free web services including website development, hosting and maintenance. The value of these web services can be as much as many thousands of dollars.
Additionally, xpertwebsite.com will market clients' products and services through their affiliate program. In this way, other clients have an added incentive to shop for these products and services on the xpertwebsite.com web site earn shopping credits for discounted or free web services.
"My business expenses have gone down while the quality of my website has gone up all in exchange for doing what I already do shop on-line. I shop for business and personal needs. My friends and family shop too. I've also gotten new customers from their affiliate program", states Heather Major, CEO, Plan2Grow, "which is really great when you consider that my web services and marketing are virtually free now."
"I couldn't believe the quotes I was getting for developing my website $6,000 was just more that I could afford, so I decided to start xpertwebsite.com. I knew I wasn't the only small business owner who was shocked at the prices people were charging for web services", said Oral Sekendur, CEO, xpertwebsite.com, "There is no reason for anyone to pay full price for anything now, especially with the power of the internet. Combining the synergy of on-line shopping, affiliate marketing, and web services gives small businesses the opportunity to save money on expenses, get more customers from the affiliate marketing we do for them, and get web services for nearly nothing. It's a win-win-win."
Xpertwebsite.com specializes in website development, hosting, and maintenance. Xpertwebsite.com uses an innovative approach to combine web services with affiliate marketing and internet shopping. Founded in Chicago, Illinois xpertwebsite.com brings together highly talented, innovative and creative professionals including market specialists, designers, and developers to formulate internet strategies that are highly effective, compelling, and easy to use.