November 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
OAKLAND-NOVEMBER 17, 2007—West Oakland’s McClymond’s High School will soon be brimming with children’s laughter, jovial camaraderie, and incessant sounds of tennis balls being hit by tennis rackets. The pleasant commotion will all be part of ‘Tennis Party at McClymonds!’ a one-day event for children and their families to learn and play the game of tennis. It is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 17, from 11 am to 2pm at the McClymond’s High School Tennis Complex located at 2607 Myrtle Street, Oakland, CA., 94607. ‘Tennis Party at McClymonds!’ is presented by Just Cause Tennis, a non profit organization based in Oakland and operated by husband-wife Robert and Patricia Hadden, a couple who has worked in the West Oakland community and who personally enjoy playing tennis and wanted to share their passion with the larger community. Equally involved in presenting the event is Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the United Lutheran Church of Oakland, and tennis great Don Johnson. The coalition joined together to address their concerns about escalating murder rates in the city and the belief that they wanted to offer children a wholesome diversion from some of the cities most disturbing crime statistics.

“Whether you live in Oakland or not, a resident of the hills or flatlands, you can’t help but be greatly saddened by the impact of violence and its affect on children in this community,” said Hadden who in addition to being the president of Just Cause Tennis is recently retired from McClymond’s High School where he worked as a guidance counselor. “The idea for ‘Tennis Party at McClymonds’ is just our way to give kids more opportunities to be just kids and allow them to focus on the things that are enjoyable, healthy, and perhaps something that will inspire them for the long term.“

Hadden explained that offering tennis to children has been underway in Oakland for some time, citing the ‘Tennis on the Hill’ tennis series which began at the United Lutheran Church of Oakland last year.

“We believe that the church communities here in Oakland can actually make a positive contribution to how our children are affected by these disturbing trends in violence we hear and read about so often,” said Reverend Adisa Armand Miller, of the United Lutheran Church where Robert Hadden first became acquainted with the church. “So, we decided to form our own coalition to create fun activities for kids, and we could not be working with a better group of concerned community leaders.”

With tennis great Don Johnson a part of the McClymond’s event, who will be on hand to talk to children and parents and share wisdom from his long history in the tennis industry including his association with tennis legend Arthur Ashe, his status as an inductee in the African American Sports Hall of Fame, and his outstanding tennis programs in San Jose, kids who attend the tennis party should come away inspired about tennis.

“This is very simple really, reaching out to children who might not otherwise get the opportunity, we want to make it a special day and inspire a desire to stay focused on the good things like tennis,” Hadden added.