Can we talk? This Christian/Luciferian Duo Hopes So at

November 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
When Leslie and Laura became friends through two online discussion forums, they never expected to be launching their own diverse, multifaceted religious forum on Halloween 2007. The stumbling blocks? First, they had never met face to face. Second, Laura is Christian and Leslie is Luciferian.

The product of the unlikely pair is – an online community that promotes open, friendly discussion among people with diverse backgrounds.

The goal? The community at provides a place for all people, regardless of cultural, political, or religious beliefs, to freely exchange views and information, fellowship with those of the same or different beliefs, ask questions, and engage in debates and lively discussions on various topics. In order to foster a greater sense of community, the site also provides areas to discuss current events, build relationships with forum members, and exchange information on hobbies and other interests.

Their approach? No problems. The pair works it all out, both possessing a very tolerant viewpoint. Over 80 members from throughout the world have already joined the community, representing 14 distinct branches of faith: Asatru, Baha’I, Christian —including Catholic, Protestant, Latter-day Saints (Mormon),Orthodox and nondenominational—Gnostic, Hindu, Judaism, Luciferian, Muslim, Pagan, Quaker, Wicca, as well as atheist.

Since the community has opened, this community has produced over 1,000 threads with over 16,500 posts. Free features such as the free blogs, online research tools, forums in the areas ranging from faith to politics to arts and entertainment, choices of skins, the Nekkid Truth forum for frank adult discussion of sexual matters, ABFabulous forum for GLBT concerns, and more features coming all the time.

Planned are contributor arcade, a points shopping system, awards and more custom user features.

The key is tolerance and respect of all. The moderation team is as varied as the membership and are offering unique transparency in their operation.

Can we talk? Yes, about anything, almost, at