Mindsystems Pty Ltd appointed as the Asian Pacific Distributor for The Literacy Company LLC

November 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Monday 13th November 2007. Mindsystems Executive Director, John England, speaking from their new Melbourne offices announce Mindsystems appointment as the sole distributor for the Arizona based Literacy Company in the Asia Pacific region. This has resulted from a strategic partnership formed three months ago in which the two companies agreed to share technology to improve the already acclaimed software 'The Reader's Edge'.

The Reader's Edge was voted the product of the years for 2007 in the area of speed and fluent reading. England stated that the whole issue of fluent reading was becoming a number one priority in many countries. He said: I feel it is very strange that the greatest emphasis on reading English more efficiently comes from countries where English is the second, not the first language. The typical business person, who has English as their first language, reads at or below 200 words per minute. The Reader's Edge fluent reading programmes typically double that reading speed with improved comprehension. He went on to point out that based on the fact that many managers spend up to four hours in a typical working day reading, this can free-up as many as forty hours in a working month. If (as is usual) comprehension is also significantly improved, then mistakes are also reduced with the result that further 'free time' is generated.
Reading issues start in the early learning days when the habit of sounding-out words is learnt. This vocalisation tends to persist in later life (even if it is sub-vocal) with an inevitable reduction in potential reading effect. It was pointed out that two paragraphs from the Mindsystems July newsletter (Clarity July 07) sum this up well:
'Less efficient readers read one word at a time with eye fixation and vocalization of each word as they read. This limits the rate at which they can read to the rate at which they can speak. This is obviously limited and it is not the rate at which the brain works, which is many times faster. Single word reading also has negative implications for second language students.

Efficient readers, Fluent Readers, read more than one word at a time. The absorb groups of words, with each eye fixation and do not vocalize words as they go: Fluent Reader's read at the speed of the brain and therefore not only read faster but often grasp overall meaning much more easily than others.'
Mindsystems announce that they will be running a series of promotional workshops over the next few months. Anyone interested should call Mindsystems on 03 9770 2555 (+61 3 9770 2555 international) or Skype 'Mindsystems'

John England is the Executive Director and founder of Mindsystems Pty Ltd, who are experts in the field of Visual Thinking and Information Overload.

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