Sex, Secrets and High Drama in the Blogosphere? Sounds like an Internet Soap Opera gone blog.

November 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
"Map of the World: A Blog Opera" a steamy and addictive fictional blog (or vlog as it's known these days) is the work of a developing infant Web series about a young woman famous for begin famous. Well, if that sounds famililar, here's the hook: She stages her own death and relocates to a top-secret, gated-getaway reserved only for the world's few powerful elite. Now we're talking.

Part E! True Hollywood Story, part Harlequin romance, part The Young and the Restless, Map of the World: A Blog Opera is a clever series that uses a blog as its stage to tell the developing story of mysteries revealed, experimental science gone wrong and affairs between male virgins and older women.

The series is published daily Monday - Friday.