Android has a Home and Everyone is Invited Over to Talk Android Mobile

November 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Android mobile software development kit is released today and developers together with many other people are eagerly waiting to get a first glimpse of what we can expect our mobile phones of the future to look like and actually do. Android has found itís home at and developers and anyone interested in Android mobile are meeting at the site to discuss everything Android.

The speculation about what the Android open source platform will actually do has been running for months if not years now and the announcement last week of what Google and itís partners in the Android project plan to do has led to much debate about how the future of mobile technology will change.

Patrick Martin who is behind Android Mobile Forum states. ďThere has been so much discussion in blogs, news articles, as well as traditional media about Android and Googleís plans that there really needed to be a central hub for everyone to meet and talk about everything to do with Android..Ē ďAndroid Mobile Forum was created as a discussion center and a place to learn about the platformď.

We are really at the beginning stages of learning about Android mobile and most people donít know what to expect. Insiders at Google and some of itís partners may be thankful the Software Development Kit is being released today as they have most likely been keeping their new technology secret for some time now and will be glad to talk about it.

Android developers looking for a more specific community have also been heading to which is a website set up for the Android developer community to discuss everything about developing using the open source Android platform.

At the Android developer website users will be able to download tools, discuss Android and generally get a feel for what they can do with the Android platform. The site is very much in line with the current internet trend of community sites where users can contribute their views, opinions and content.

November 12th 2007 is an exciting day for the future of the mobile device, by the end of the day we will know more about what we will be able to do with our mobile phones in the future as well as what they might look like.