July 05, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News

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Pacific Palisades, Calif. - 2002 Olympic short track speed skating gold and silver medalist, Apolo Anton Ohno (www.apoloantonohno.com), has inked a multi-year endorsement deal with the Southern California-based roller skate company, LandRoller™ Inc. (www.landroller.com). Apolo says, “They’re sick!” – that’s his way of complimenting the design and performance of the radically designed skates.

Prior to signing the deal, Ohno, who was a U.S. national inline skating champion and record holder before focusing on short track speed skating on ice, tested LandRollers and stated, “Revolution is better than evolution. I like disruptive technologies that significantly raise the performance bar. I don’t know how long it will take, but I think that LandRollers will displace inlines. I have experienced the advantages and know that others will appreciate them too!” He has agreed to work with the company’s design team to develop an Apolo Ohno line of LandRollers.

LandRoller CEO, Brian Conners, stated, “We are thrilled to have Apolo on our team. We cannot think of a better endorsement for our products because he’s probably the most discriminating skater in the world. From the first time Apolo donned our skates he loved them. He’s a world-class athlete in every way – a world champion, a great role model and an inspiration to us all.”

Conners explained, “Even though the focus of his life is world class speed skating, Apolo still enjoys wheeled skating, especially now that he’s made the switch to LandRollers. You don’t have to be a national or world champion to skate on LandRollers. Novices find them easier to learn on because they are more stable and easier to maneuver than inline skates.”

LandRoller’s patented Angled Wheel Technology™ (AWT) is the first major breakthrough in skating since Rollerblade™ popularized inline skating 25 years ago. For years, skate companies have tried mounting large wheels on skates. LandRoller is the first to design a large wheeled skate with true skating dynamics. LandRollers recently beat out over 150 competitors to win the prestigious 2005 Sports Product of the Year award, the industry’s highest accolade. Bert Lovitt, co-inventor of the skates, commented, “Our radical design draws a lot of attention even at a distance. Virtually every time someone tries on a pair for the first time, they are amazed by how much more stabile and maneuverable LandRollers are relative to inlines.”

LandRoller Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Pacific Palisades, California. It develops and markets a radically different and superior roller skate. The large wheel configuration of LandRollers provides a better experience for skaters of all levels of ability. This innovative technology delivers greater stability, better maneuverability, and a smoother, chatter-free ride.

Apolo Anton Ohno won a gold medal in the 1,500 meter short track speed skating competition at the 2002 Winter Olympics and a silver medal in the 1,000 meter event. He is a 7-time U.S. national champion and has won several world championships.